Kids Learn How the Weather Works in Weather by Tinybop

In Weather by Tinybop, children can learn about the atmospheric forces that make the day-to-day weather we experience

In Weather by Tinybop, children can learn about the atmospheric forces that make the day-to-day weather we experience

Weather is a big part of our lives. People make daily decisions based on the weather, whether it’s simply to decide how many layers of clothing to wear that day or if a flight should be delayed. But have you ever wondered how the weather works?

In Weather by Tinybop, children and grown-ups alike can learn about the forces that create the day-to-day weather we experience. The app has been designed as an interactive model, which can be manipulated and experimented freely.

The Wonderful Weather

The app begins with a scenic view composed of land, water, and sky. You can move the sun to direct where the light should hit, and draw air currents in the sky with your fingers. You can also tap the sun to switch from day to night, and vice versa. A small circle above the coastline can be opened to view an animated diagram of the water cycle.

The bar on the left side of the screen shows all the interactive scenes you can visit in the app. There are four main scenes, each focusing on a weather element: temperature, precipitation, wind, and clouds. You can leave a scene anytime by tapping on the zoom out button on the top right. Conversely, tapping on the zoom in button shows where you can pull up more details.

The first scene we will discuss in this review is the one for temperature. Here, you will see a house in the summer. You can adjust temperature to see how it affects the house and its inhabitants. When the temperature drops, icicle forms on the roof edges and the pet dog gets to wear a sweater. When the temperature rises, the dog can be seen panting and the flowers start to wilt.

In the precipitation scene, you can discover how water falls from the sky as precipitation. You can raise or lower the temperature to make it rain or snow, respectively. You can also peek inside a cloud and create raindrops and snowflakes with your fingers.

There are two kinds of windy weather discussed in the app. The first kind is a hurricane, which begins over tropical waters. Using your finger, you drag warm air from the ocean upwards until they form giant lumps of Cumulonimbus clouds and create tropical storms. You also get to see how increasingly powerful hurricanes can affect the environment. For example, a Category 5 hurricane may blow away roofs and even small buildings.

The second kind of windy weather is the tornado. Here, you can create typhoons by dragging your finger downwards from the sky. The more you pull, the bigger the tornado. Similar to the hurricane scene, in this scene you can experiment to see the potential damage of each category typhoon.

In the clouds scene, you can draw clouds and see how they change at different altitudes. At the same time, you can also see what kind of vehicles and flying objects can be found at different heights.

Parents Need to Know

The Weather is the sixth app in Tinybop’s Explorer’s Library series, designed for ages 4+. The app is more of a toy than a game, in that it has no objectives to complete or high scores to achieve. Instead, children freely interact with the elements in the app to learn new ideas while having fun.

For the grown-ups (and curious children), an expert-reviewed handbook provides facts about the topic, interaction hints, and discussion ideas to support learning at home or in the classroom. The handbook can be downloaded within the app or at Tinybop’s website.

Weather by Tinybop has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. It is available in more than 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and many more.

Create hurricanes and tornadoes with your finger and observe their potential damage

Create hurricanes and tornadoes with your finger and observe their potential damage

Things I Like

One of the challenges in understanding how the weather works is in trying to visualize a process you often can’t see. The app, with great use of visuals and interactions, makes it easier for children (and grown-ups) to connect the dots. For example, how warm, moist air traveling upwards can create a tropical storm. Children can also zoom in to see details such as the movements of air molecules when affected by the change in temperature.

The design of the app, which is based on unstructured learning and free exploration, makes it accessible for all ages. Young children will be intrigued by interactive bits like being able to create snowflakes or draw clouds in the sky. On the other hand, older kids can expand their scientific vocabulary by turning on the label feature. Overall, children will find this app a very fascinating toy.

You can also zoom in to see detailed views, such as snowflakes forming inside a cloud

You can also zoom in to see detailed views, such as snowflakes forming inside a cloud


Little explorers will love Weather by Tinybop. This app is truly delightful, unraveling the science behind rain and shine with gorgeous and responsive models. The interface is text-free by default, but interactive labels can be turned on to show information in 40 different languages. All in all, this app is a fantastic resource to have at home or in the classroom.

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