Kids Rule the Construction Site in Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers

In Sago Mini Trucks & Diggers, kids can play with big machines at the construction site

In Sago Mini Trucks & Diggers, kids can play with big machines at the construction site

Kids love big trucks because they spark the imagination and create a sense of power. Just imagine being able to make those larger-than-life machines do your bidding! Such experience is great fun for boys and girls alike.

For your truck-loving tots, Sago Sago has an app out for them. Called Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers, it’s a dynamic app where kids can operate heavy machinery and build fancy homes for their new friends.

Run the Construction Site

Those who are not yet familiar with the Sago Mini series of apps should know that each app features friendly animal characters. Typically, a character fills the starring role while the others play the supporting cast. So far we’ve met Jinja the cat, Harvey the dog, Jack the rabbit, Robin the bird, and Fin the fish. Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers introduces a new character: Rosie the hamster.

At the beginning of the game, kids choose from 6 blueprints for houses that range from barns and castles to cupcake-shaped dwellings. Once a blueprint has been selected, it’s off to the construction site with them. The steps required to build each house is as follows: collect dirt from the construction site, load it into Rosie’s dump truck, then drive the truck to the home site and dump its contents into the designated spot.

At the construction site, kids select from 3 mighty machines to control. For instance, they can dig deep in the ground with a digger, scoop up dirt with an excavator, or fling piles of dirt into Rosie’s dump truck using a machine that looks like a Ferris wheel. There is also a big grinder that can be fed all sorts of things — trees, diamonds, and even beach balls — to create more dirt.

Once kids have loaded the dirt into Rosie’s truck, they drive it by tapping the right side of the screen. Along the way, they may run into obstacles and other fun surprises. Longtime fans will spot familiar faces from other Sago Mini apps, such as the Moon Moles and the garden gnomes.

At the home site, kids pour the collected dirt to fill the outline of the house. When the house is complete, they can put on the finishing touches like choosing a paint color and adding doors, windows, chimneys, fences, flowers, and so on. The app allows kids to be creative with their item selection and placement; for example, they can place flowers on the rooftop or install multiple chimneys. At the end of the construction, a friend will appear to appreciate their newly-built home.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that the Sago Mini suite of apps is designed with young children in mind. Each app, Trucks and Diggers included, features an open-ended gameplay with no time limit and no high scores. This stress-free play experience makes the apps suitable for ages 2+.

The apps are also free of in-app purchases and third-party advertising, so your child can play safely and freely without any interruptions. No Internet connection is required to play, making the apps great for travel.

On the way to the building site, kids may see familiar faces from past Sago Mini apps

On the way to the building site, kids may see familiar faces from past Sago Mini apps

Things I Like

There are lots of fun to be had in Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers. Young kids will enjoy being in charge of the construction site and tinkering with different machines to see how they work. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to scoop up dirt and load it into Rosie’s truck. The ride from the construction site to the home site is smooth and filled with exciting discoveries.

An aspect that sets Trucks and Diggers apart from similar Sago Mini apps is it includes a creative section where kids can decorate the houses they’ve built. Although simple, this activity empowers kids to unleash their imagination and puts them in control.

Finally, I like that Rosie — a girl hamster — is chosen to star in this app. I know that all Sago Mini apps are designed to be gender-neutral, but I think it’s important to see female characters in a field that is traditionally dominated by men. It’s a small detail, but one that I truly appreciate.

After constructing the house, kids can decorate it with various items

After constructing the house, kids can decorate it with various items


Boys and girls alike will love Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers. It’s a great construction toy set, with interesting machines that stimulate the imagination. A house-building activity adds variety and empowers creativity. Simple and intuitive controls make the app easy to use by ages 2+.

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