Jump! is a Game of Numbers that Helps Children with Mental Math

In Jump!, players save the Snortles by moving from one number to the next and avoiding obstacles

In Jump!, players save the Snortles by moving from one number to the next and avoiding obstacles

There are many reasons why mental math is important. Being able to perform mental calculations has practical uses, like checking your change at the grocery store. But more importantly, mental math helps you develop a better number sense and lays the foundation for more complex math.

Jump! is a new app that helps ages 6+ with mental math. In this game of numbers, players jump from one number to the next in sequence in order to save helpless critters. Occasionally, they must squish numbers together to make the next number on their path.

Save the Snortles

In Jump!, the Snortles have been blown away from their volcano home and scattered in the sea. Naturally, players need to use their math prowess to rescue the poor little creatures and get them to their new homes. They will need to jump from one number to the next, counting in multiples, to safely cross from one island to another. For example, in one level players might jump on numbers that are multiples of 2, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on.

If the next number in the sequence is not readily available, players can squish numbers together to make the needed sum. So if the number 10 is not available, players might want to look around for combinations of 7+3 or 5+4+1, for example. Negative numbers, like -1 or -3, can also be used in the combination.

What makes Jump! interesting is it allows players to make a path in any direction. The game screen continuously changes to adapt to the player’s choice, so one can replay the same level twice and find a new challenge every time. (Update: As of v1.2, grown-ups can choose to customize the challenges for targeted math practice.)

If the player manages to save all three Snortles in a level, they will earn three stars. They also get bonus beach balls for making longer combos, using negative numbers in their combos, and traveling farther distances. These beach balls are used for the beach party at the end of every game stage.

In all, Jump! has 6 unique stages with over 40 levels to complete. As players progress through the levels, more challenges are added in the forms of bigger multiples, and fuses and Stompers that will send your Snortles flying. Fortunately, players have access to unlimited hints in case they are stuck.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Jump! has a number of options that can be customized to suit your child’s needs. For instance, you can turn off Stompers and fuses for a more relaxing gameplay. This is especially useful for younger players who might feel intimidated by the “bad guys”. The app also supports unlimited user accounts.

Like other apps by Artgig, Jump! has been designed to be safe for children. It has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases, and it does not require an Internet connection. All links to external sites are placed behind a parental gate to prevent tiny fingers from accidentally accessing them.

Update: if you want to try Jump! before you buy it, you can check out a trial version of the app here.

If a number is not readily available, you can combine numbers together to get to the desired sum

If a number is not readily available, you can combine numbers together to get to the desired sum

Things I Like

In Jump!, children practice skip counting and mental math as they squish numbers together. The gameplay is designed quite well that even younger players will be able to learn it right away. More importantly, it feels like an actual game instead of a math drill. The beauty of this design is children won’t realize that they are actually mastering a key arithmetic skill.

The adaptive game engine allows players to be challenged according to their skill level, and extends the app’s replay value. Grown-ups can also enjoy the game. In fact, I dare you to try and get three stars on all levels. You’ll see that it’s not that easy!

The app also gets a thumbs up from me in the visual departments. The scenes are nicely designed with non-distracting backgrounds, and the Snortles are adorable. The beach party at the end of every chapter/environment makes for a nice reward, although I do wish the Snortles would look happier to have found a new home.

After you have saved the Snortles, it's time for a beach party!

After you have saved the Snortles, it's time for a beach party!


Children and grown-ups alike can count on Jump! for a challenging brain exercise. This educational game is truly fun to play with a simple mechanic and likable characters. Its adaptive game engine ensures that each player will find a suitable challenge for their skill level.

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