Grandpa's Toy Shop Gets Kids Creating Toys and Learning About Entrepreneurship

Grandpa's Toy Shop lets kids run make and sell their own toys

Grandpa's Toy Shop lets kids run make and sell their own toys

Whatever your kids aspire to be in the future, it's never a bad thing to teach them a thing or two about entrepreneurship. Grandpa's Toy Shop can help you with that. It's a fun new app that lets kids run their own toy shop with the help of a friendly grandpa character. Along the way, they also hone their skills in problem solving, math, and more.

Design, Build, and Sell Your Toys

Grandpa's Toy Shop comes with eight mini games and four interactive extras that replicate the tasks involved in running a toy shop. Kids begin at the workshop to assemble their toys—from robots and dolls to kites and toy boats—and decorate them paint and brilliant jewels. Afterwards, they spell the toy's name on a banner to advertise it.

Once the toys are ready, it's time to open the shop. Kids tap to put up the display and change the shop sign from "Closed" to "Open." They also refer to a price list to tag the toys with the appropriate prices. When customers come in, kids help them put the toys they want in the basket. Then, they use the cash register to ring up the purchase.

After a bit of dancing and a short educational video on toy-making, it's time to close up. The process involves solving a tricky sliding puzzle to gather all the litter on the shop floor. When that's done, it's back to the workshop to start the gameplay all over again.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Grandpa's Toy Shop is suitable for kids ages 6-9. The app promotes a variety of skills, such as addition through 20, spelling, problem solving, and creativity. It also gives kids a taste of entrepreneurship by letting them make and sell their own toys.

Like all apps in the Grandma and Grandpa series, grown-ups can customize the gameplay. Simply tap to open the Settings menu from the main screen, and choose the mini games you want to be included in the rotation. You can also toggle the music on or off from within this menu. Note that the Settings menu is secured with a parental gate to prevent kids from accessing them.

The app is safe for kids: there are no in-app purchases or third-party ads, and external links are located behind a parental gate. Because the app doesn't require an Internet connection, you can easily take it with you while traveling.

Drag and drop pieces from the drawers to assemble your toy

Drag and drop pieces from the drawers to assemble your toy

Things I Like

I love the apps in the Grandma and Grandpa series because they let kids have fun while learning all sorts of skills. Grandpa's Toy Shop is no exception to this rule. The mini games are simple yet engaging, and the app has an appealing theme in general. Small details, like the ability to give Grandpa a high-five after a job well done, add another layer of fun.

Content-wise, the app offers great educational value. I like that it promotes other skills beyond math and spelling, such as entrepreneurship, that you might not find in other, similar apps. There is also heavy focus on creativity and problem solving, where kids assemble toys like puzzles and then paint their own designs on the toys. If you appreciate apps that teach these skills, I highly recommend Grandpa's Toy Shop.

In this fun mini game, you slide the broom across horizontally or vertically to clean up the shop floor

In this fun mini game, you slide the broom across horizontally or vertically to clean up the shop floor


Just in time for the holidays, Grandpa's Toy Shop puts kids in charge of their own toy shop. Kids will assemble, decorate, and sell their own toys while learning a variety of skills such as math, spelling, sight word recognition, problem solving, and more. The app also introduces kids to the process of running a business, though simplified so kids can follow along. Overall, it's an excellent app for ages 6 and up.

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