EduGuru Maths wants to help preschoolers learn math with fun games

In EduGuru Maths, kids can practice basic math skills with fun games

In EduGuru Maths, kids can practice basic math skills with fun games

Math can be a fearsome subject among parents and kids, but I've learned that a good app can really help take the frustration away. EduGuru Maths is one of these good apps. It's an app aimed to help ages 3-5 develop key math skills with well-designed games and fun animations.

Discover 8 Entertaining Games

In EduGuru Maths, kids practice key curriculum topics with eight themed games. Each game has multiple levels that increase in difficulty, plus rewards to keep kids motivated. Upon opening the app, kids can choose any game they like from the selection screen.

The first game, Cosmic Counting, is a space-themed game that explores counting from 1-10-20. Then there's Meadow Maths, where kids practice addition and subtraction by moving animals in and out of pens. The third game, Shape Sort, gets kids exploring shapes and colors in a farm. The fourth game, Fishing Fun, introduces kids to the concept of size, weight, distance, and position.

In Space Solver, kids practice matching, doubling, halving, and sharing in a space-themed game. In Captain Clock, they learn how to tell time with the help of a talking parrot. Money Pig is a fun game that familiarizes kids with UK/English coins, money, and values. Finally, Match Up encourages them to help jolly soldiers find specific shapes and colors.

In each level, kids can collect up to three stars based on their performance. The stars are then traded for medals, with gold being the highest achievement they can earn in each game. The app doesn't reinforce time limits, so kids can take their time and work on their accuracy.

Rather than giving out punishments, the app merely shows kids the correct answer should they incorrectly solve a problem. Kids can also replay or leave a level anytime by tapping on the pause button on the top left.

Designed for toddlers, the app includes both text and narration. A helpful tutorial at the beginning shows kids how to use the app, though it can be skipped if preferred.

Parents Need to Know

EduGuru Maths allows parents or teachers to create up to six user profiles on the same device. The app keeps track of each user's unlocked games, achievements, and trophies, so they don't have to worry about losing their progress. To add or remove user profiles, access the Settings menu by tapping on the owl on the top right of the screen

While in the Settings menu, you can also read more about the app and its creators. You can also configure whether you want the levels locked, partially unlocked, or fully unlocked. This allows you to adjust the learning experience for each kid as necessary.

The EduGuru Maths app has no third-party links or adverts. There are two versions of the app available on the App Store: paid and a free with in-app purchases. Both apps have the same amount of contents, but with the free version you can try out some of the games first prior to unlocking the rest.

The app covers several key curriculum points, including telling time

The app covers several key curriculum points, including telling time

Things I Like

EduGuru Maths is an engaging app that promotes a positive learning experience. The games are well designed with progressive levels that cater to a wide range of abilities, and they are valuable both inside and outside of the classroom. The cute artwork and animations, along with the clear narration, make the app fun and easy to use.

Academic content is important, but so is entertainment and the app remembers to balance the two elements. For example, kids can explore the game selection screen to discover a grandfather's clock that, when tapped, plays the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock". They can also tap on many other things throughout the game to discover fun surprise, like a mouse hiding in the bushes or a spider falling off the screen. These little details add up to make for a truly outstanding app.

Designed to support the UK National Curriculum, the app is also useful for school kids from other countries. All of the games—except for the Money Pig, which uses UK/English denominations—offer general lessons in basic math and can be applied in most curriculums. With that in mind, I believe the app offers excellent value for money.

Each game has multiple levels that increase in difficulty to cater to a wide range of abilities

Each game has multiple levels that increase in difficulty to cater to a wide range of abilities


I highly recommend EduGuru Maths if you are looking for the best math apps for kids. A well-thought-out app, it engages and entertain kids as they learn basic math skills like counting, basic operations, matching, telling time, and more. It also caters to a wide range of abilities, and can support up to six users on one device. Overall, it gives great value for money and is certainly worth trying out.

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