Hoopa City 2 offers new building combinations and more construction fun for kids

Hoopa City 2 builds on the original Hoopa City, and offers fun new buildings and features

Hoopa City 2 builds on the original Hoopa City, and offers fun new buildings and features

Two years have passed since Dr. Panda released their popular construction game Hoopa City. Today, they are introducing its sequel: Hoopa City 2. Bigger and better in every way, it's packed with sparkling new features.

Discover Over 60 Unique Buildings

Just like the original app, Hoopa City 2 lets kids build the city of their dreams. It offers 8 world-building elements that they can use and combine to create over 60 unique buildings. The app provides kids with the freedom to explore and create whatever they want, be it a shimmering port town or a bustling city filled with skyscrapers.

The app comes with several new features. First of all, kids can now build bigger in full 3D. They can rotate to see their city from different angles, and also pinch to zoom in and zoom out. This gives them more control over their building placements, and allows them to properly admire their work.

Even more fun is the ability to peek into a building and explore its interior. For example, kids can watch a movie at the movie theater, read a book at the library, work the assembly line at the factory, or get married at the city hall. To access this feature, they simply grab a nearby citizen (or select their favorite Dr. Panda characters from the panel on the bottom) and drag him or her into a building. It's also possible to dress up these characters with various clothes and accessories.

In the original Hoopa City, kids can make it rain in their city by unlocking the umbrella shop. It never rains in Hoopa City 2, but kids do have the option to toggle between Day and Night mode at will. The city lights up in Night mode, providing a beautiful scenery they won't forget.

Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Hoopa City 2 is the sequel to Dr. Panda's beloved building game Hoopa City, but you don't have to be familiar with the original app to love the new app. Like its predecessor, Hoopa City 2 is designed with kids in mind but can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Younger kids will love interacting with the adorable characters while older kids will love the discovery and planning aspect of the game.

If your kid enjoys taking their time and creating detailed cities, fear not because the app can save over 20 cities. This means you can save your work and come back to it later, or just start fresh with a blank lot. Note that the unlocked buildings are not carried over from one city to the next, so you will need to figure out the combinations all over again.

The app has no third-party adverts and no in-app purchases. It doesn't require an Internet connection to play, and all external links are secured behind a parental gate.

Peek inside each building and explore its interior

Peek inside each building and explore its interior

Things I Like

Hoopa City 2 is fantastic. It feels a lot like the Hoopa City I know and love, but at the same time it's tremendously improved. This new app is packed with features that I, along with many other players, have always wanted to see from the original app. For example, more land to build on, zoom, and more interactions with the city and its citizens.

Now that Hoopa City 2 allows you to explore the insides of buildings, there is even more incentive to unlock new building combinations. The new app has many new interesting buildings that weren't in the original Hoopa City, like the museum of natural history (where you can ride a T. rex fossil!) and the nuclear power plant. You can keep track of all the combinations you have or have not yet unlocked in a special section called Hoopa's Building Book.

Those of you who played Hoopa City might notice that some combinations have changed. For example, a tree used to be leaf plus leaf. In the new app, a tree is the product of leaf plus water. Although the ingredients are different, I am pleased that there is still some logic to the combinations. I also think that these changes keep the app fresh and fun for players who came from the original Hoopa City.

(P.S. I'll be posting my building combination guide for Hoopa City 2 soon! Keep tuning in!)

Switch to Night mode and watch your city light up

Switch to Night mode and watch your city light up


On its own, Hoopa City 2 is an excellent building game for kids: easy to use, really fun to play, and highly interactive. It emphasizes on free play, so there are no rules or objectives to worry about. As the sequel of Hoopa City, the new app also brings fresh features and finer-grained controls. Highly recommended if your child is a fan of the original Hoopa City or building games in general.

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