King of Karts is a Fun Racing Game for All Ages

King of Karts lets you race against AI opponents or against real-life players in your local area network

King of Karts lets you race against AI opponents or against real-life players in your local area network

Racing games are perhaps one of the most popular genres out there. From serious driving simulators to wacky racing arcades, there’s something to appeal to everyone. Today, we’re going to review a relatively new title on iOS that families can enjoy together. It’s called King of Karts.

A Racing Game for the Whole Family

King of Karts is a 3D racing game where you can battle against AI racers or real-life friends across 8 challenging tracks. Up to 6 devices can participate in local multiplayer matches to determine who is the best racer of them all.

When you play the game for the first time, you will be asked to create a racer profile. You will then be taken through a tutorial to help you get familiar with the controls. The app utilizes touch controls by default, but you can change it to tilt controls or connect a third-party gamepad just like on a console.

Once you’ve learned the controls, it is time to race. You can choose from 6 playable characters: Ben the laid-back surfer, Claire the cool musician, Baboo the clumsy panda, Ion the funny robot, Pita the quirky princess, and Migo the gentle monster. Do note that only the first 2 characters are unlocked initially — you unlock the others by completing more races and leveling up.

Power-Ups and Speed Boosts

One of the fun features of the game is the use of various power-ups obtained by driving into the item boxes found throughout the course. These power-ups include water bombs to be thrown at other racers, boxing gloves that punch at nearby cars, and autopilot power-ups that will guide your car through the best path. The type of power-up that you get is random.

In addition to power-ups, jump ramps and boost fields are also found throughout the course. You can also drive into glowing orbs to collect boost charges. These charges can then be activated to temporarily speed up your car.

Game Modes

King of Karts has 3 different game modes: Cup Series, Single Match, and Time Trial. The Cup Series pits you against other players in a series of races held throughout 4 unique tracks. Points are distributed to the winners of each race and calculated at the end of the series. The racer with the highest number of points is then deemed the winner of the Cup.

In the Single Match mode, you battle against other players in a one-time race through a preselected course. And in the Time Trial, you race alone and try to beat your own lap times.

Whichever game mode you choose, you can earn points and level up. By leveling up, you can unlock more parts of the game such as new racers, new courses, and faster engine speeds. The game’s difficulty also increases along with your level; the higher the level, the faster the game becomes and the stronger the AI opponents.

Parents Need to Know

King of Karts is entertaining for all ages. It has a bit of cartoonish mischief as racers try to sabotage each other with various power-ups: from rubber balls that can be lobbed at other racers to crayon scribbles that temporarily obscure windshields. But, no one is ever hurt. The game is family friendly overall, and will delight ages 6+.

Parents also need to know that the app is paid upfront. It has no ads and no in-app purchases. External links are safely tucked away behind a parental gate to prevent kids from accessing them. Internet connection is not required to play the game, but you’ll need to be connected to a wireless local area network in order to hold multiplayer races.

The game includes 3 game modes, including a Timed mode where you try to beat your own lap records

The game includes 3 game modes, including a Timed mode where you try to beat your own lap records

Things I Like

Racing fans will find King of Karts a fun experience all around. It has all the essential elements of a racing game: challenging course designs with hidden passages and ramps, a driving mechanic that allows for stunts and drifts, and fun power-ups. The touch controls do take a while to get used to, but it’s not frustrating. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch. I like the choice of racers, but would love it if I could create a personalized avatar.

Another great aspect of the game is the inclusion of multiplayer mode. I like the fact that it’s limited to players who are in your local area network. This allows parents to better supervise their child’s game time, and provides a safer alternative to online multiplayer.

Choose from a roster of friendly racers

Choose from a roster of friendly racers


If you like Mario Kart, you’d enjoy King of Karts. The two are similar in many ways, from the adventurous course design to the magical power-ups. I do feel that King of Karts is somewhat less wacky in nature, which is simply an observation and not a critique. As it stands, it’s a fun racing game for the whole family.

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