Music with Grandma is a Fun Way to Learn Music Theory for Kids

Music with Grandma helps kids remember basic music theory through interactive games and activities

Music with Grandma helps kids remember basic music theory through interactive games and activities

Music is a natural part of life, and many children start music education at an early age. If your child is also beginning their adventure into the realm of music, then you might enjoy today’s app pick: Music with Grandma.

It’s the latest addition to the Grandma and Grandpa series of apps, which are designed to help kids learn basic skills through interactive games and activities. This new app, as you might have guessed, is about music theory.

Music with Grandma

In Music with Grandma, kids can learn basic music concepts such as musical scale, note values, and rest duration. They will also be introduced to various musical instruments — what they are called and how they are played. The app includes 7 different games in all, each designed to present these concepts in a fun way.

Interspersed between the games are open-ended activities where kids can try their hands at timpani drums, keyboards, hand percussions, and other musical instruments. Also included are short videos of the instruments being played by real-life musicians.

At the end of each game, you will be rewarded with a fun animation such as watching Grandma dance and giving her a high five. You might also be subjected to a musical performance by Grandpa, although you might want to cover your ears first.

In Musical Mazes, you follow the specified sign to get to the trophy at the bottom right

In Musical Mazes, you follow the specified sign to get to the trophy at the bottom right

The Games

The first game you can play is called Instrument Sounds. At the beginning of the game, an audio clip is played and you are asked to identify which instrument produces the sound. Four choices are given initially, and if the wrong instrument is selected it is removed from the screen.

The second game is called Musical Patterns. You are given a series of repeating notes, however the last note is deliberately left out. You are then asked to complete the pattern by choosing the right note from the available options.

The next game is the Musical Mazes. A grid of musical notes are laid across the screen, with a trophy on the bottom right. Your goal is to make your way to the trophy by following a specific note. It’s an interesting twist to the classic maze game, and one that I have yet to see in other apps.

In Music Stand Match-Up, you match the musical notes or symbols to their respective values. For example, which rest symbols mean silence for a half beat, silence for 4 beats, silence for 2 beats, and silence for 1 beat, respectively. To do so, you drag the notes from the top to the music stands at the bottom.

In Musical Sorting, you are asked to sort objects based on the provided criteria. For example, you might be asked to sort the singers based on their vocal types — alto, soprano, tenor, and bass — from highest to lowest. You might also be asked to sort the notes from softest to loudest.

The next game, Memory Match, is a classic pairs game but with musical instruments. Here, you have the opportunity to learn the names of many instruments and what they sound like. Among others, you’ll recognize banjo, guitar, flute, saxophone, trombone, and maracas.

The last game on the list is called Find the Note. In the game, you’re asked to identify where a specified note should sit on the staff. If you are unsure, you can tap anywhere on the game area for hints.

Parents Need to Know

A great thing about Music with Grandma is you can customize the activities for your child’s level or preference. Simply access the Settings page from the main screen, then select which activities should be included in the gameplay. This is a great way to help your child focus on a specific skill or activity.

Music with Grandma has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. All external links are contained behind a parental gate, which prevents kids from accessing them. Do note that iOS 8 is required to install the app.

In-between games, you can engage in open-ended activities such as playing the timpani drums

In-between games, you can engage in open-ended activities such as playing the timpani drums

Things I Like

A good foundation is necessary regardless of the subject you’re learning. What Music with Grandma offers is a way for beginning music students to master their basic notations and pave the way to more complex lessons. Thanks to a diverse set games and activities, even the youngest of kids will be engaged to learn.

Additionally, the app provides hands-on activities where kids can explore musical instruments they might not always have access to. Each virtual instrument can be played in a realistic manner, although the keyboard comes with a mode that plays silly sound effects instead.


All in all, Music with Grandma is an excellent app to look into if you’re looking to supplement your child’s music education. It offers a diverse set of games and activities that engage kids to learn, and exposes them to a variety of musical instruments. As an added feature, you can customize the gameplay for your child’s level.

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