Land of Venn - Numeric Storms Helps Kids Learn Math Facts and Stop Counting with Their Fingers

Use your knowledge of addition to prevent the evil monster from drinking from the magic pool

Use your knowledge of addition to prevent the evil monster from drinking from the magic pool

Last year, we fell in love with The Land of Venn - Geometric Defense, a tower defense game that teaches kids about geometry shapes. Although labeled as educational for kids, it’s a fun app that will appeal to adults as well.

If your children (or yourself) enjoyed Geometric Defense, then you might want to pick up the newest addition to the Land of Venn series: The Land of Venn - Numeric Storms. This time, players will be using their knowledge of arithmetic to defend the Land of Venn from the evil Bookkenriders.

Connect Monsters to Make Magical Numbers

Similar to Geometric Defense, in Numeric Storms you try to stop the Bookkenriders, a group of number-bearing monsters, from drinking from the magic pools. This involves drawing lines between the monsters to build a math equation, which will eliminate them.

The challenge lies in ensuring that the equation produce one of 11 possible sums between 3-30, for example, 1 + 3 + 1 = 5. The bigger the sum, the more powerful the elimination spell. This is a useful fact to remember in latter levels where new, tougher monsters are introduced.

If you can successfully complete a level, you’ll earn victory points. You can use these points to buy up to four spells, which will come in handy when you feel overwhelmed. There are 16 spells that you can choose from, for example, a water spell that replenishes your pool and a fire spell that vaporizes monsters in an instant.

In all, the game has 30 levels that span three unique worlds. The levels must be unlocked in sequence, and each level is more difficult than its predecessor. The last level of each world features a boss battle.

Parents Need to Know

Land of Venn - Numeric Storm is a fast-paced game that involves a lot of planning. Not only are you expected to perform quick mental calculations, you also have to have nimble fingers and learn to make decisions on the spot.

For these reasons, I would recommend this app for ages 6+ as younger kids may feel frustrated by all the actions happening on screen. You can create up to three profiles, allowing each player to save their progress.

The app is currently available in English only. It doesn’t contain advertising, in-app purchases, or links to social media. You don’t need an Internet connection to play the game.

Connect monsters to reach 11 possible sums between 3-30 and eliminate them

Connect monsters to reach 11 possible sums between 3-30 and eliminate them

Things I Like

Numeric Storms is designed to help you quickly recall addition facts. There simply isn’t enough time to work on each equation using pen and paper (or with your fingers), so you must remember the number combination(s) to reach a certain sum. This helps children to quickly move on from finger counting to mental calculation. Players who are only learning addition might not always successfully complete a level, but that’s okay — these setbacks are an opportunity to learn and try a better strategy.

If you’re accompanying your child as they play, do note that you can pause the game anytime. The game screen will remain open, so you can use the opportunity to help your child figure out which numbers can be connected to make a sum. You should also know that the tutorial screens will show you all the possible combinations for a number, for example, 8 = 1 + 2 + 5 = 1 + 1 + 6, and so on.

All in all, I think Numeric Storms is a great game to help those struggling to remember with their math facts. It’s not without its flaws — monsters can sometimes overlap and can be difficult to eliminate — but the thrilling gameplay does pull you in. It certainly is more fun than plain ol’ worksheets.

Use your victory points to buy spells that will help you

Use your victory points to buy spells that will help you


Land of Venn - Numeric Storms is a tower defense game that aims to help players recall addition math facts. The gameplay is fast-paced and requires a lot of planning, but you’ll find it a more exciting alternative to boring old worksheets. Features include 30 kooky levels and epic boss fights, the ability to create up to three player profiles, and app-wide English narration. Highly recommended for ages 6+.

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