Labo Paper Plate Offers Easy Crafts for Kids

Labo paper Plate offers easy craft projects for kids

Labo paper Plate offers easy craft projects for kids

You don’t need store-bought toys to have fun. With a little creativity and imagination, you can turn everyday items into a source of endless entertainment. Labo Paper Plate proves it by offering fun craft projects made using the humble paper plate.

12 Kids Crafts from Paper Plates

When you open the app, you’ll be presented with step-by-step interactive lessons. Most of the lessons start with tracing shapes on a virtual paper plate to produce cut-outs, which are then assembled according to the template. Once the shapes are in place, you can paint your creations with vibrant colors.

To make a banjo, for example, you’ll need to cut out a handle from a piece of card, and attach it to a paper plate. Then, you’ll need to stick a couple of buttons for tuning pegs and some strings before finishing with a coat of paint.

As an added point of interest, you can play your completed craft in a mini game. In the banjo example above, you’ll be able to play some notes to accompany a musical bird band. In another lesson, you can slide a paper penguin across an iceberg to catch fish.

In total, the app offers 12 different craft projects. You can replay a project as often as you like. Each craft you’ve made will be saved to the Gallery section of the app.

Parents Need to Know

Labo Paper Plate is an intuitive app that will appeal to ages 3-7. It has no rules, no time limit, and no scoring system. Since it has no text, non-readers should be able to navigate the app easily.

The app is also safe for children. It contains no advertising and no-in app purchases. It includes a link to the developer’s website, but it is hidden and protected by a math question. You don’t need an Internet connection to use the app.

You can paint your creation according to the reference, or you can go wild and choose any color you like

You can paint your creation according to the reference, or you can go wild and choose any color you like

Things I Like

Labo Paper Plate is a great toy to promote creativity in your children. What I like best about the app is that you can easily replicate the lessons in real life, using the items you find around the house. Even though the crafts are simple, they have plenty of entertainment value. Plus, young children should be able to make them with little help from grown-ups.

As with all Labo Lado apps, Labo Paper Plate features colorful graphics and a simple user interface. The gameplay is mostly self-explanatory, and the clean look helps children focus on the task at hand. Overall, this is a great app that I’d recommend to keep children busy and creating during breaks or on the weekends.

Play mini games with your creations

Play mini games with your creations


Labo Paper Plate features 12 simple craft projects that you can easily replicate at home. It shows that with a little creativity, even ordinary objects like the paper plate can become interesting toys. In addition to making crafts, the app allows children to play with their creation in fun mini games. Overall, this is a terrific and safe app that will appeal to ages 3-7.

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