WonderBox Offers Educational Videos, DIY Projects, and More for Kids

WonderBox allows kids to explore, create, and share with family and friends

WonderBox allows kids to explore, create, and share with family and friends

Kids are naturally curious creatures. Because they’re new to the world, they want to know how and why things work they way they do. As parents, we should facilitate their inquisitiveness and help them learn as much as they can.

With the WonderBox app, now curious kids have a safe way to explore the world around them. Created by developer Duck Duck Moose, the app is a curated resource where kids can learn about various topics, create things, and share with family and friends.

Inspire Wonder

There are three things you can do in WonderBox. First, you can explore fascinating topics, such as science, design, languages, geography, and sports. The app includes a curated catalog of YouTube videos, from scientific experiments and DIY craft tutorials to riddles and funny animal videos. There are already thousands of videos available at the time of this review, with new contents being added daily.

The second thing you can do is create things. In the Challenges section of the app, you can complete fun challenges, like designing your own roller coaster, writing in hieroglyphics, and lending your voice to a famous figure. At the beginning of a challenge, you can watch a brief video to learn more about the topic.

In addition to completing challenges, you can also create photos, videos, drawings, and voice messages from scratch. Simply tap the big plus button on the bottom of the screen, and choose what you want to make. The app will provide you with the tools you need: stickers, paints, and anything else you need to create your masterpiece.

When you find an interesting video, or if you want to show off something you made, you can share with your family and friends using private messages. To add a friend in WonderBox, both of you must exchange friend codes, which are obtained through offline means (i.e., by asking the other person directly). This process ensures that you only connect with people you know in real life. If you’re a parent or a guardian, you will be notified immediately when a friendship is made.

Parents Need to Know

Before your kids can explore the WonderBox, you must create a free WonderBox Family Account from which you can monitor your kids’ activity. Once you’ve registered using your email address, you can then create profiles for your kids.

If any of the kids using the app is under 13 years old, you must record a video to give your permission before they can use the app’s sharing feature. Once the video has been reviewed and approved by a WonderBox staff, the sharing feature will be unlocked.

WonderBox is available as a free app with no in-app purchases and no advertising. Due to the nature of the dynamic content, you will need an Internet connection to use the app. However, the app is self-contained with no external links.

Explore various topics, from science and animals to DIY and design, and learn from a curated catalog of YouTube videos

Explore various topics, from science and animals to DIY and design, and learn from a curated catalog of YouTube videos

Things I Like

WonderBox has so much content to offer, which makes it a fantastic learning resource for all ages. Exploring the app, you’re bound to find a video or a challenge that will tickle your fancy. Every piece information is presented in a concise yet interesting manner, and every abstract concept is paired with real-world examples. This makes the app more engaging and useful.

Another aspect that gives the app its appeal is gamification. When you first create a profile, you’ll be given 1,000 coins to spend on stickers and other creative tools. These stickers are used extensively in the app, for example, when you’re creating your avatar or when you’re designing things for a challenge.

You can earn coins by completing challenges or by doing specific tasks, like sharing your creation and adding friends. You can also level up and show off your achievements. This motivates kids to be active and do more things within the app. Do note that the coins are only used and earned in-game, i.e., there’s no real money involved. The app is also fairly generous in dishing out coins, so kids won’t feel frustrated about earning them.

Finally, what sets WonderBox apart from similar apps is that it allows parents (and other family members) to be more than just spectators. They can also create avatars, complete challenges and level up, and share what they’ve created. In this way, the app really does help family to connect, learn, and grow together.

Complete creative challenges to earn coins and level up

Complete creative challenges to earn coins and level up


WonderBox presents a safe way for families to explore fascinating topics and complete creatives challenges using easy-to-use design tools. It includes thousands of educational videos curated by educators, and built-in private messaging so families and friends can share their creations with each other. It’s also completely free.

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App was provided for our honest review.

About Duck Duck Moose

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