Teach Kids to Read with the Montessori Early Reading App

The app encourages players to turn sounds into words

The app encourages players to turn sounds into words

Age 5 is an exciting period for kids as they become more independent and curious to learn new things. It’s also the perfect time to develop early reading skills. If your child is already familiar with letter sounds, then we suggest following up with the Montessori Early Reading app.

Released by developer Edoki, it’s an app to help early readers practice reading easy phonetic words. Using mini games, it reinforces learning about phonics and rhymes.


Montessori Early Reading comes with four activities designed to help kids turn sounds into words. All the games are unlocked from the get-go but we recommend starting from the first one. It’s a simple activity designed to trigger reading with five phonetic words. All you have to do is drag the words to the correct pictures.

The second activity is similar in that you try to match the words and pictures together. You’ll be shown a set of three pictures and a note, which you must place under the correct image. More words are used here, yet they are still simple enough for early readers.

The third activity encourages you to find words that begin like another word. For example, sword and sore, peg and pen, or inch and ink. A narrator will read the key word, and you must choose which of the three words begin like that word.

The fourth activity focuses on rhymes. The narrator will ask you to point out which of three words rhymes with a certain word. You must then drag the correct word to the picture.

In addition to the four activities above, the app also includes a printable guide for parents. It contains pictures of 5 phonetic objects -- cat, hen, log, bed, sun -- that you can use to practice reading outside the app.

Parents Need to Know

Montessori Early Reading is designed for ages 5+ who are familiar with letter sounds and are eager to read. There’s a simple guide on the developer’s website that you can use to decide whether your child is ready for the app or not. Generally, if your child is able to go from phonics to words, then he or she is ready to start reading. But if your child needs to practice more letter sounds, you can check out the Montessori Letter Sounds app instead.

Montessori Early Reading is available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. It has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. All external links are locked behind a security question. There’s an informative Parents Zone where you can learn to know if your child is ready to read, but do note Internet access is necessary to access this section.

Fun rhyme games help kids build early literacy

Fun rhyme games help kids build early literacy

Things I Like

True to the Montessori approach, Montessori Early Reading focuses on personal growth instead of rewards and punishments. While kids do hear an encouraging praise when they have successfully completed a task, the goal is to facilitate their natural curiosity and learning ability. As such, the app is fuss-free and focused on the activities.

One thing I really like about the app, is that you can easily extend the learning activities in real life. The printable parent kit is a fantastic idea. The other activities can also be replicated at home.

Design-wise, the app is colorful and nice to look at. It’s also intuitive and easy to use. Overall, this is another great app from Edoki to help your kids learn to read.

The app includes a printable parent kit to extend learning outside the device

The app includes a printable parent kit to extend learning outside the device


Montessori Early Reading is a great way to help your kids learn to read once they’ve learned their phonics. This intuitive app caters to kids’ natural eagerness to sound words by providing simple but effective rhyme games. It also includes a printable parent kit to extend learning outside the device. Recommended for ages five and up.

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App was provided for our honest review.

About Edoki

Edoki, formerly Les Trois Elles, was founded in 2010 and has designed and published 12 educational apps, all of which have been featured on the App Store. Their philosophy is to make children eager to learn and, more importantly, eager to understand by doing and having fun.

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