Kids Can Learn Shapes the Fun Way in Labo Shape

Labo Lado lets kids trace shapes to make playful scenes

Labo Lado lets kids trace shapes to make playful scenes

By the time your child is two years old, she is ready to learn about shapes and colors. Learning about shapes allows children to make logical connections between objects, which is a foundational skill for math and language arts.

If you’re in the market for children’s apps for learning shapes, I recommend checking out Labo Shape on the App Store. It’s a new one from developer Labo Lado. As made clear by the name, it’s all about shapes. It lets kids trace lots of 2D shapes, including polygons and circles. The completed shapes will then spring to life as fish, bugs, cars, birds, musical flowers, or other playful objects. Additionally, kids can paint the shapes using an easy-to-use interface.

The Mini Games

Labo Shape includes six mini games with diverse themes. The first game is musical; it involves linking floral shapes that, when tapped, plays music. The second game goes underwater; it lets you trace shapes to make colorful fish that dance around your fingertips.

In the third game, you draw singing birds that rest on wires. In the fourth game, you make bugs that will try to navigate their way through a maze. You can help by dragging them with your fingers.

The fifth game lets you build then drive a car on the track. You’ll also need to repair the road by arranging the shape blocks into ramps and bridges. This game offers a bit more challenge than the rest as it requires problem solving skills.

The last game you can play is a fun parade where you can make the shape men dance to the campfire song “I Met a Bear”. Tap on the left or right side of the screen to move him accordingly. You can also double tap to make him do a salute.

In all the games, you can change the color of your completed shapes. Simply drag the object to the small rainbow icon on the top of the screen to open the painting interface. Then, use your fingers to paint as you like.

Parents Need to Know

Labo Shape is aimed towards ages 2-5. It has no rules, no time limit, and no scoring system to adhere to. It is mostly language-neutral, with no text or audio narration. It should be noted that although the app lets kids trace various shape templates, it doesn’t provide the names. Thus, you need to be present if you want to teach your kids the name of each shape.

The app has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. To follow an external link, you must first solve a math problem. The mini games are perfectly playable without an Internet connection.

Update: Labo Shape is now available for iPad only.

Some of the mini games show that some objects can be made out of several shapes combined together

Some of the mini games show that some objects can be made out of several shapes combined together

Things I Like

Labo Shape offers a variety of unique and engaging mini games. Each has its own appeal, but my favorite is the fish-keeping game as it is very relaxing. I imagine many kids would love the dancing shape men game as the song is quite catchy. (Parents, rest assured that the app comes with an option to turn off the background music!)

As kids play the mini games, they can see how objects can be made of a single shape or several shapes combined together. As most of the objects can be found in real life, hopefully kids can start recognizing shapes around them. They might need your help to learn the names of the shapes, but I believe the app makes a great starting point.

Like past Labo Lado apps, Labo Shape has a minimalist user interface that you can easily pick up and play. Most of the gameplay is self-explanatory, which is important given the targeted age range. I love the app’s overall clean look as it allows kids to focus on the task at hand.

Kids can paint the completed shapes as they like

Kids can paint the completed shapes as they like


Labo Shape is a fun app that helps kids learn 2D shapes. It includes various shape templates that, when completely traced, will turn into playful objects kids can find in real life. It’s simple yet quite fun. Kids ages 2-5 who are beginning to learn about shapes would benefit from the app.

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