Sail the High Seas in the Sago Mini Boats App

In Sago Mini Boats, kids tag along as Harvey sail across the sea to visit his friends

In Sago Mini Boats, kids tag along as Harvey sail across the sea to visit his friends

Many kids like cars, but do they like boats? I bet they do if the boats are anything like what Harvey rides in Sago Sago’s newest app, Sago Mini Boats.

The app, which was released today on the App Store, is the latest addition in the suite of Sago Mini apps. As you’ve probably guessed from the title, it is about boating. You’ll be tagging along Harvey the dog as he sails the high seas on various boats to visit his friends around the globe.

Ahoy, Harvey!

If you played Sago Mini Road Trip, you’ll notice the gameplay in Boats is similar. First, you choose a friend/place you want to visit; possible destinations include the Arctic, a floating city, a wharf, and even a tropical island. Once you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to pack. You can bring whatever items you think you’ll need: clothes, pants, hats, food, or even your pet fish.

At the garage, you decide which boat you’ll be riding. You can choose from a wide selection that includes a good old tugboat, a pirate ship, a yellow submarine, a majestic swan boat, and a literal banana boat. Tap on right side of the screen to move the boat forward, and on the left side to move it backward. You can also pick the boat up with your finger and move it around.

Once you’ve set off, don’t forget to enjoy the ride. You’ll see many interesting things, like a giant beachball, a drive-thru ice cream booth manned by an octopus, and musical Easter heads. You can even dive underwater and discover a kelp forest, a crashed UFO, sea moles, and many more. The weather might change and the tide might rise, but at the end of the ride, there’s always a happy welcome waiting for you.

Parents Need to Know

Sago Mini Boats is suitable for ages 2-5. It’s cute and easy to use, with no stressful rules or time limits. It focuses on pure play, and there are plenty of storytelling opportunities as kids encounter colorful characters and objects on their boat ride.

Like past Sago Sago apps, the app has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no social media links. There’s a letter from the designer in a secured section for parents, although if you’d like you can hide the For Parents button and Sago News from your device’s Settings. The app is perfectly usable without an Internet connection.

Select from a variety of boat designs which include viking and pirate ships, shark boats, swan boats, and more

Select from a variety of boat designs which include viking and pirate ships, shark boats, swan boats, and more

Things I Like

Every ride in Sago Mini Boats offers you something new to see and discover. There are tons of pleasant surprises that you’ll find on the surface of the water, underwater, and even in the sky. There are cameos by wonderful friends, such as the Cloud Monster, the adorable snowman, the space moles, and the gnomes — a detail that longtime Sago Mini fans will appreciate.

It should be noted that Sago Mini Boats focuses on pure play and storytelling. But you can also use the app as a starting point for exploring early science. Together with your kids, make toy boats from materials you can find around the house. Let them experiment with different materials to see which ones will float and sink.

Don’t forget to pack up Harvey’s suitcase

Don’t forget to pack up Harvey’s suitcase

Making Toy Boats that Float

You can use materials around the house to make toy boats that actually float. Empty juice boxes or milk cartons are waterproof and naturally buoyant, so they are great materials to work with. You can also use styrofoam plates or several corks tied together to make a raft.

To make a mast, thread a paper through a skewer or a toothpick. If you’re working with a juice box, you might need to puncture a hole through the box where you can stick your skewer. Alternatively, you can use a play-doh ball as a base for your mast.

Visit our Pinterest board for more DIY toy boat projects and summer activity ideas!

You can dive underwater to find more surprises!

You can dive underwater to find more surprises!


Like past Sago Mini apps, Sago Mini Boats is a vibrant offering that will inspire kids to play and tell stories. The app, featuring Harvey the friendly dog, lets kids ride on silly boats across a surprise-filled sea to meet friends around the globe. It’s simple yet loads of fun for preschool-aged kids. Highly recommended!

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App was provided for our honest review.

About Sago Sago

Sago Sago is a team of designers and developers who create apps that children love and parents trust. They build on kids’ natural sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity to create apps that are positive and fun. Sago Sago empowers kids through play in new and emerging digital platforms.

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