Prepare Your Child for Preschool with Grandma’s Preschool App

Grandma’s Preschool app helps kids with basic skills and school readiness.

Grandma’s Preschool app helps kids with basic skills and school readiness.

Going to preschool can be a tough experience for some kids (and parents alike). They’ll probably be proud to finally be a “big kid”, but at the same time they might feel anxious about being separated from you.

If your child is about to start preschool, or is already in preschool but hasn’t adjusted to her new environment, there are some things you can do to help ease the transition. I recommend checking out Grandma’s Preschool.

It’s the latest in Fairlady Media’s suite of Grandma and Grandpa apps. Kids can enroll in Grandma’s fun preschool, and discover all sorts of fun games and puzzles. They can also help out with a number of preschool routines, from nap time to snack time.

Time for School

A unique feature in Grandma’s Preschool is the interface, which has been made to look like a real classroom. There are lots to discover here; touch the objects you see inside the class to bring up games, puzzles, and other fun activities.

For example, touching the letters on the whiteboard will lead to a game where you match a number word to the correct digit. Other games that you can play include helping Grandma divide snacks between the class, growing the seeds of various plants, and taking care of the classroom’s pet guinea pigs. You will also match letter sounds to pictures, match color blocks to their names, solve jigsaw puzzles, and color with crayons.

In total, the app has 11 educational games to choose from. Each game has a random element to it, so that you get something a little different every time.

In addition to the educational games, the app offers other interactive extras. When you tap on the projector, you can watch 13 educational video clips that cover a wide range of topics, including science, counting, painting, and toys. You can also go outside to play with other kids on the playground, or explore the toys that are inside the classroom.

Parents Need to Know

Grandma’s Preschool covers a wide range of educational topics to help prepare kids ages 3-6 for school. Among these topics are sight words, CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, letter sounds, colors, numbers, shapes, seasons, and telling time. Additionally, kids can also practice their fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and creativity.

In terms of security, the app has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. It has external links, but they are contained behind a Parental Gate. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection.

You can watch educational video clips of classroom activities

You can watch educational video clips of classroom activities

Things I Like

Made to look a real classroom, Grandma’s Preschool gives kids with a sense of familiarity and prepares them for their own preschool experience. If your child is homeschooled, she can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a preschool with other kids.

The app offers lots of educational content for school readiness, such as learning letter sounds, colors, and shapes. Kids can also learn a thing or two about the school environment, socializing with other kids, routines, and responsibility.

A great thing about Grandma’s Preschool is its ability to balance between learning and playing. In addition the educational content, the app also offers activities that are mostly for entertainment, for example, the playground activities and the toys on the shelves. This keeps the app engaging and fun.

Finally, I am happy to know that the developer has kept all my favorite rewards from the previous Grandma and Grandpa apps, notably Grandma’s impromptu dance performance and the ability to give Grandma a high-five. The dance performance always make me giggle. I hope that one day, there will be an app where we can see Grandma and Grandpa dance together!

You can also go outside and play hide and seek on the playground

You can also go outside and play hide and seek on the playground


Grandma’s Preschool contains plenty of educational mini games and real-live action videos to help young children with basic skills, such as letter sounds, colors, and shapes. It also teaches them the soft skills necessary to survive preschool, such as socializing, following instructions, and responsibility. With so many things to do and learn, I can say this is the most extensive Grandma app yet. Highly recommended.

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App was provided for our honest review.

About Fairlady Media

Fairlady Media is committed to developing high-quality family-friendly and educational games that provide excellent entertainment value. They are known best for their lovable and mentoring Grandma and Grandpa apps. Their games are created by an Educational Psychologist and parents, and they are tested extensively by children.

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