Play, Sing, and Orchestrate an Opera in the Opera Maker App for Kids

Kids can sing, play, and orchestrate their own opera in the Opera Maker app

Kids can sing, play, and orchestrate their own opera in the Opera Maker app

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “opera”? Some people think boring or difficult, but opera is actually quite beautiful once you get to know it. It’s an art form that everyone, even children, can enjoy.

Don’t believe me? Try Play Opera, a beautiful audiovisual app that kids as young as five years old will love. You can also check out this app that I’m reviewing today: Opera Maker.

As you might have guessed from the name, it’s an app that lets kids play, sing, create and orchestrate their own opera. Once finished, they can share the results as a video with their friends and family.

The Greatest Shown on Earth

Opera Maker lets you create an opera based on three available themes: The Kidnapping, The Threat, and The Enchantment. Each comes with a script that shows you all the steps for creating the opera.

The first step is casting. You can choose the characters to be cast in the roles of hero/heroine, victim, and villain. You can customize each character’s appearance as you like, or tap on the dice icon to have the app choose it at random. You can even lend your face to the character.

Next, you can begin directing your opera. All the operas in the app are split into six acts, from Overture to Finale. You’ll be in charge for picking the song from a library of opera classics, which includes Carmen, Rigoletto, La Traviata, and Turandot. Optionally, you can record your own aria.

As the director, you can customize the stage with background images and various props. You can move the characters around with your fingers, and change their poses and facial expressions. You can also record your own voice for their parts.

Once you have finished setting up your opera, you can watch it played from start to finish. If you’d like, you can save it as a video into your device’s Camera Roll.

If you need some inspiration for your opera, you can watch the pre-made operas that have been included in the app. These are adapted from famous works. You can choose from The Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel, and William Tell.

Parents Need to Know

Opera Maker is designed for ages 8 and up. I would recommend using the app with independent readers as it doesn’t include audio guides. However, younger children should be able to create their own operas with the app as long as they have a grown-up assisting them.

The app is available for free on the App Store with no ads and no in-app purchases. It’s fully usable without an Internet connection, and it doesn’t contain any social media links. If you want to check out the demo version before downloading the app on your device, you can play the browser version on the developer’s website.

Opera Maker currently supports English and German.

Learn the structure of an opera, and what happens in each act

Learn the structure of an opera, and what happens in each act

Things I Like

A great thing about Opera Maker is that it contains helpful cue cards that explain to you the structure of an opera, and what happens in every act. The plot of each opera is made clear at the beginning, so you’ll be able to tell the story well. As it is, you can use the app to teach kids about story structure in addition to instilling their love for music.

Visually, the app looks nice and polished. The interface is fairly straightforward, and the graphics are cute. I like being able to customize the characters with my own photos; it makes the opera feels even more personal. I do think that it would be great if there were more skinning options, such as being able to change the skin or hair color.

voice your own characters and Record your own aria

voice your own characters and Record your own aria


Opera Maker is a fun app that allows kids to direct their own operas based on a provided theme. They can customize the stage, the characters and costumes, and the songs to play in each act. It’s a neat tool to inspire creativity in young kids, as well as to instill a love for music, storytelling, and in particular, opera.

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