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Build your own miniature world with Blox 3D World Creator

Build your own miniature world with Blox 3D World Creator

Considering the popularity of Minecraft with children, it’s not surprising to see children’s app developers adapting the sandbox gameplay in their own games. Toca Boca attempted the feat with their own creative building game, Toca Builders, and ultimately succeeded. But it’s been two years, and today we have a new contender: Blox 3D World Creator.

Let’s Build Worlds

Blox 3D World Creator is the latest release from developer Appy Monkeys. It’s based on their best-selling block building game Blox 3D. Whereas the earlier game allows you to make generic 3D models, World Creator focuses on creating worlds. Hence, it features unique elements such as textured block shapes and lighting/weather control.

At the beginning of the app, you can choose to create a new world or build upon the five available templates. A quick tutorial will run you through the basics functions, such as how to place blocks and how to select colors. Once that’s over with, you will be taken to your workspace.

The building process is quite simple. Just select the block shape and color you want to use from the bottom of the screen, then tap anywhere on your plot to put it there. You can also expand on existing blocks by tapping on its sides. Conversely, you can delete blocks by double tapping on it.

The app includes several kinds of blocks, from the simple cube to staircases. You can also add doors, windows, trees, water, and windmills. Interestingly, you can spice your world with living creatures: people (clothed in a black suit), sheep, tigers, and birds.

A neat feature is the ability to control the lighting, time of day, and weather. Using the buttons on the top right, you can change the time from day to night, invoke rain or fog, and even change the color scheme to black and white.

Parents Need to Know

Blox 3D World Creator has simple controls, but younger children might need help to find out some of the more advanced functions as they are not accessible via buttons. These functions include double tapping to remove blocks, pinching to zoom, and using three fingers to pan. The recommended age range for the app starts from six years old.

The app has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no social media links. It works great on Airplane mode. It’s available as a Universal app, but I recommend installing it on an iPad as it is just easier to manipulate the blocks on a larger screen.

Build a new world from scratch or build upon the included templates

Build a new world from scratch or build upon the included templates

Things I Like

Blox 3D World Creator offers a simple but an interesting concept. Like digital Lego blocks, the app facilitates kids to build to their hearts’ content. There are no rules, no time limit, and no high scores. Just pure, creative play.

An interesting feature is the ability to add animated objects and creatures to make your worlds more lively. The creatures can interact with each other as well, for example, the tigers will eat the sheep and cause the people to run around with their arms flailing.

One area that could be improved on is the game controls. Tapping on the sides of the tiles (a relatively small surface area) to expand them is finicky, and once your building gets large enough it can be difficult to place tiles exactly where you want it. You could zoom in, but you can’t lock the zoom percentage so you’ll have to keep zooming in if you want to keep working on the same area.

Another feature that I think should be available is an undo button. You know, just in case you accidentally delete something and want it back. But despite the drawbacks, the app does have a lot of potential. It just needs a little extra polish to truly shine.

Change the weather and time of day with the simple touch of a button

Change the weather and time of day with the simple touch of a button


Neat sandbox app lets you create animated 3D worlds from colorful building blocks. Both kids and adults can enjoy this open-ended app that promotes creativity and imagination!

Blox 3D World Creator is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.