Teach Your Kids the Importance of Communication with the Story of Nurot

Nurot is a beautifully illustrated tale about the importance of communication, love, and redemption

Nurot is a beautifully illustrated tale about the importance of communication, love, and redemption

Communication is important in any relationships, but it is a skill that even adults still struggle with. So you can imagine how difficult it is to get kids to properly communicate their thoughts and feelings. It’s not impossible, but sometimes you need the extra help.

Today, I want to show you a lovely storybook app that can teach your kids the importance of communication. It’s called Nurot, and it’s an interactive tale that the whole family can enjoy.

The Story

The story of Nurot is about a lone, silent boy who falls in love with a girl, only to fail in his attempts to wordlessly woo her. Angrily, he devises a machine that will let him steal words from others. But, he soon learns that words are useless if they are not used by people, and that without communication things quickly fall apart.

Nurot is an original tale that is relatively short at 24 pages, but beautiful nonetheless. The story is fully illustrated in color, and like many digital books contain interactive elements that engage the readers. One of my favorite interactions is where you can tap on the illustration to make Nurot’s heart race and his cheeks turn a deeper shade of red. Another example is a scene where you can look into Nurot’s glass jar that contains a stolen word, and see a different word each time.

The interface in the app is fairly straightforward; you tap on the arrows to advance or go back through the story. Hotspots are marked on every page so you won't miss them, and once you’ve tapped on them all the forward arrow turns green to signify that you should turn the page.

Parents Need to Know

Parents should note that Nurot contains elements of romantic love, but they are relatively tame. There are no kisses, and the physical interactions between Nurot and his love interest go only as far as holding hands at the end of the story. There is mild violence as the town goes into chaos and people start fighting/arguing with each other, which may upset younger or more sensitive kids. Overall, I would recommend the app for ages 5-9.

Another thing to note is that the app doesn’t include audio narration, so kids who are still struggling to read may need a grown-up to assist them. At the time of this review, the story is available in English, Spanish, and Catalonian. We’ve been told that it will soon be available in French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Nurot is free to download from the App Store, with a one-time in-app purchase (protected with a parental lock) necessary to unlock the complete story. If you’re interested, you can try a demo version of the app on the developer’s website. The app contains no ads and no social media links.

Interactive elements complement the story and engage the readers

Interactive elements complement the story and engage the readers

Things I Like

Nurot is a sweet and gentle story that is filled with wonderful messages, chiefly the importance of communicating your thoughts, love, and fixing your mistakes. Like all good stories, it leaves out some details for the readers to fill in by themselves. For example, why was Nurot living alone, and why couldn’t he speak? This is the kind of story that stimulates your mind even after it has ended.

Visually, the app is oh so charming. I was instantly drawn to the character design, and I love how Nurot is so expressive despite not being able to speak. There is enough interactivity to keep you engaged, but not too much that it distracts from the story. The twinkling soundtrack completes the whole package.

One thing that could be improved is legibility. I think a dark strip of color behind the text would add contrast and greatly improve the reading experience.

Gorgeous artwork and character design contribute to the app's appeal

Gorgeous artwork and character design contribute to the app's appeal


Nurot is an incredibly poignant tale that both children and adults can enjoy. This beautifully illustrated app also features charming interactions that complement the story and engage the readers. Messages include the importance of communication, putting one’s happiness above your own, and fixing your mistakes. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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About Chiquimedia

Chiquimedia a little (teeny-tiny) studio from Barcelona dedicated to the development of apps for kids. “Nurot”, an interactive children’s storybook for iOS, is their first work.

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