We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is an Educational Board Game App for Kids

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is a beautiful board game for kids of all ages

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is a beautiful board game for kids of all ages

We love board games, but playing board games with young children can be challenging. Setup is a hassle, for one, and if small pieces are involved, they’re likely to be missing by the end of the game. Plus, it’s not easy to find board games that every family member is going to enjoy. If the game isn’t too difficult for young children, it’s usually boring for the grown-ups.

Fortunately, we found a middle ground in a newly released board game app called We Discover Africa: Safari Quest. It’s a unique, 3D board game that combines elements of a traditional board game with an educational quiz. The defining feature is that you can set the difficulty level for each player, making the game challenging for all ages.

How to Play

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is played like most board games, where players take turn to roll the dice and move their respective pieces along the path. If you land on a special tile, you must either answer a question about African animals, collect a bonus item, or take a photo. On the other hand, you can also run into obstacles that set you back. The winner of the game is the first player to collect seven different animal photos and reach the finish line.

The game is playable by up to four people; if you’re alone, you can play a one-on-one game against a computer. For each player, you choose an avatar and a difficulty level for the questions. The latter is especially useful when you have players of different ages together.

A neat thing about the game is its use of first-person perspective. Throw in some photorealistic graphics and atmospheric jungle music, and you get an immersive playing experience. The downside is that you don’t always see where the other players are, but you can easily tap on the search icon on the bottom right corner to get a bird’s-eye view of the board.

Parents Need to Know

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest offers learning opportunities in the form of quizzes. As you answer questions about the African fauna, you can gather fun facts you might have never known before. The app has over 350 multiple-choice questions with 3 difficulty levels. Some sample questions you might find in the game are:

  • Who is the king of the jungle? (Easy)
  • Who raises the baby elephant? (Medium)
  • Which snake doesn’t have venom? (Hard)

One thing to keep in mind is that the app doesn’t have audio narration, thus beginning readers might need help from grown-ups. You can change the language of the app from the main screen; the app supports English, Russian, German, and Serbian.

Also accessible from the main screen is an information section that contains instructions for playing the game as well as explanations for each game icon and bonus item. I personally did not feel the need to use it as the interface is straightforward, but it is nice to know the information is there if you need it.

Overall, the app is suitable for kids ages four and up. It is quite safe as it has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. External links are present, but secured with a kid lock. No Internet access is required to play the game.

Learn fun facts about African animals by answering 350+ challenging questions

Learn fun facts about African animals by answering 350+ challenging questions

Things I Like

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is a beautiful board game accessible to all ages. What I like most about the game is the ability to customize the game difficulty for each player, allowing everyone a fair chance to win. This makes the game more fun to play together.

I also think it’s great that the app integrates learning into the gameplay. The questions were quite challenging, and I learned a lot from playing the game. I do wish a section would be added where you can read all the animal facts outside the game, which would greatly boost the app’s value for me.

Snap photos of majestic animals to win the game

Snap photos of majestic animals to win the game


We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is an engaging, 3D board game for all ages. On top of providing hours of fun, this educational game provides learning opportunity through 350+ trivia about African animals. It’s also easy to pick up and play, making it suitable for a long road trip or your next family game time.

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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