Kids Learn About Cooking and Animal Care in Frozen: Early Science

Frozen: Early Science introduces kids to animal care and cooking

Frozen: Early Science introduces kids to animal care and cooking

More than a year after its release, Frozen is still garnering new fans. The 2013 animated movie, which has spawned numerous merchandises from books to fashion items, has also lent its charm to Disney’s many apps. The latest of these apps is Frozen: Early Science.

Part of Disney’s new Imagicademy brand, the educational app sees kids helping the Frozen cast run the new Nature Park in Arendelle and learning about science along the way. It includes two games: Reindeer Care, in which kids put their observation skills to good use by caring for baby reindeer, and Cooking Creations, in which they discover the states of matter as they prepare various dishes.

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After being greeted by Olaf at the beginning of the game, you can choose which game you like to play. You can play each game as long as you like, and switch at any time you like.

In the Reindeer Care game, you help Anna and Kristoff care for a herd of adorable baby reindeer. You can feed them with hay, give them some water to drink, clean up after them, and make them take naps. More importantly, you also tend to their ailments.

Using your observation skills, you must diagnose why a baby reindeer is limping, licking at its side, or panting. You then try to select the right tool to tend to their problem. There are 15+ ailments to discover, including runny noses and annoying flies. You’ll also learn a handful of fun facts from Anna and Kristoff, such as the proper name for a baby reindeer (a calf).

In the Cooking Creations game, you and Olaf will assist Oaken in creating a delicious menu for the Nature Park. Oaken will supply the recipes, and you must determine which ingredients and tools are necessary to create the dish. There are three types of dishes to make — popsicles, gravy, or pot pie — but with many variations in the ingredients and tools used to make them. For example, you may be asked to make an apricot pot pie or a pear pot pie. Sometimes, only the tools are specified in the recipe so you will have to decide for yourself which ingredients to use.

Once you have finished a dish, you will serve it to Queen Elsa for judgement. She is never harsh with her words, only going as far to comment that your dish is “interesting” or “not what she was expecting”. That said, if you do well you can unlock new ingredients and tools to use the kitchen.

The game is particularly good at teaching you to follow instructions and make logical decisions. As you play, you will explore how heat and cold can affect the states of substances. You will also learn to recognize that water can change states between solid, liquid, and gas.

Use your observation skills to diagnose reindeer ailments and treat them with the correct tool

Use your observation skills to diagnose reindeer ailments and treat them with the correct tool

Parents Need to Know

Frozen: Early Science is aimed at ages 3-5. The app has no rules and no timer. It doesn’t have a scoring system, but as an incentive kids can collect badges for replaying the games. There is no reading in the app as all instructions are given via audio narration.

Please note that the app includes a secured parents’ section where you can create a Disney Imagicademy account. Once your account has been set up, you can set up profiles for your children so you monitor their progress within any Imagicademy apps, and get access to articles, activity ideas, and the Disney store. An Internet connection is required to access the parents’ section.

Outside the parents’ section, the app does not require an Internet connection to play. It contains no in-app purchases and no third-party apps. It does contain ads for other Disney’s apps and a Shop button on the main page, but all links can only be accessed after successfully answering a security question. The app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Whip up a dish for queen Elsa in the Cooking Creations game

Whip up a dish for queen Elsa in the Cooking Creations game

Things I Like

Although the activities in the app are simple and repetitive, the tiny details make them fun to use. In the cooking game, the way you prepare your ingredients will affect how your dish looks in the end. For example, adding green vegetables will turn your gravy green. Or, leaving the pie for too long in the oven will cause it to blacken. This design decision teaches kids about cause and effect, and leaves room for them to experiment with their dish.

As expected from Disney, the app has great production value. Every character looks friendly and sounds expressive. I also like that they always have a positive attitude towards your work; even if you accidentally burnt the food, Elsa will just say that the flavor is interesting. Conversely, you will be praised whenever you’ve done a good job.

In the future, it would be great if the app includes more mini games for variation. I would also love it if there were more accessories to dress up the reindeer with.

Earn badges for your efforts

Earn badges for your efforts


The Frozen crew is back to teach preschoolers about cooking and animal care in this new educational app from Disney. Kids will have fun learning to diagnose and treat reindeer ailments with Anna and Kristoff, and preparing various dishes with Olaf for Queen Elsa to taste. Along the way, they’ll also learn some early science concepts such as states of matter. Recommended for ages 5 and under.

Frozen: Early Science is available for iPhone/iPad
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