Lazoo Art Box Drawing App for Kids Inspires Imagination and Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Fun drawing app Lazoo Art Box lets kids express their creativity through drawings

Fun drawing app Lazoo Art Box lets kids express their creativity through drawings

There are many drawing apps for kids on the App Store today. A number of those we have reviewed on the blog, such as Kidoodle’s doodle book for kids and Sago Mini Doodlecast. These two apps are great as they not only provide canvases to draw on, but also fun prompts to get those creative juices flowing.

Today, I’m going to review a new drawing app from PBS Kids: Lazoo Art Box. This fun app prompts kids to finish colorful drawings then incorporates their scribbles and doodles into the finished animation.

Let’s Scribble!

At the beginning of the app, you can choose a drawing mode. The app comes with several modes, including Let’s Squiggle, Let’s Color, and Let’s Draw. In all three modes, kids are asked to complete a series of unfinished drawings by following imaginative prompts. For example, they may be asked to make squiggles to draw cotton candies, color in a plane, or imagine what is coming out of an elephant’s trunk. An array of colors and drawing tools, which includes ketchup and sticker rollers, can be selected to help them with their task.

Once the drawing has been completed, a press on the Play button will animate the scene into life. Squiggly lines become moving waves in a seascape and scribbles become smoke that billows out of colorful chimneys.

Should kids want to create a drawing from scratch, they can do so by selecting Blank Page from the main screen. Optionally, they can scribble on pictures taken using device’s camera. Both these modes also include a Play button, allowing them to watch as their drawings come to life.

Parents Need to Know

Lazoo Art Box is an open-ended app with no time limits; you can interpret the prompt anyway you wish and take as long as you need to complete your drawing. Multiple game modes provide kids with imaginative prompts to explore their creativity. Additionally, young kids can use the app to practice their motor skills. The recommended age range for the app is 5 and under.

The prompts in the app come with audio guides and word-highlighting to facilitate non-readers or beginning readers. A tutorial, shown when you select a drawing mode, helps them understand what steps must be done to bring their drawings to life. After some time drawing, there is also a helpful hint to remind them to press the Play button.

The app requires no Internet connection to play. It has no third-party ads and no in-app purchases. Secured sections contain links to the developer’s other apps and a note for parents, respectively. It is available as a Universal app.

The magic Play button animates your child's drawings when pressed

The magic Play button animates your child's drawings when pressed

Things I Like

This is a really fun app! Lazoo Art Box has all sorts of drawing prompts that are mostly relatable but sometimes silly; for example, you may be prompted to dress up ghosts for a fashion show. Regardless, they help alleviate the fear of a blank canvas and encourage kids to think out of the box.

The app also excels in the visual department. The look is that of a collage as it mixes different textures to complement flat, colorful graphics. The audio is also nicely done; the xylophonic background music is cheerful but low-key, and the narration is cute.

The only drawback that I experienced was that sometimes the app did not register my first few touches, which led to tiny frustrations. It would be nice to see this fixed in future updates.

Imaginative prompts encourage kids to think out of the box

Imaginative prompts encourage kids to think out of the box


Kids are free to express their creativity in this fun drawing app. There is a low skill barrier to enjoy the app; even if squiggly lines are all that your toddler can manage, it’s okay. The imaginative prompts, coupled with rewarding animations, will inspire them to explore new ideas and empower their imagination.

Lazoo Art Box is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.