Explore a Playful Open-Ended World in Pangoland

Visit friends, explore the scenery, and interact with various objects in PangolandVisit friends, explore the scenery, and interact with various objects in Pangoland

Ever wondered what your favorite fictional characters do in their spare time? If you happen to love Pango the blue raccoon, you can find out what his home life is like in Pangoland. A recent release by Studio Pango, Pangoland is an open-ended universe where you can explore the homes of your favorite Pango characters.

Every Day is Colorful in Pangoland

Pangoland features a linear world that begins and ends at Pango’s home. You can scroll sideways to traverse the landscape, travel to other characters’ homes, and tap on any object to interact with them.

For example, you can tap on the mailbox to find a package waiting for you, or enter the house to explore the available rooms. Once inside the house, you can get food from the kitchen, do the laundry, clean up the house, take a bath, or even go to bed. Outside, you can change the seasons and the time of day.

Free-play is emphasized in Pangoland, and the app supports it by offering hundreds of items to play with. Probing around the scenery, you can find many hidden objects such as hats, shovels, musical instruments, and food. You can also discover several mini games: fixing broken pipes at Pango’s laundry room, building a robot at Fox’s garage, digging up a dinosaur fossil at the river bank, and mailing a letter near Squirrel’s treehouse.

Since you can leave Pango and the other characters anywhere in Pangoland, there is a risk that you might lose sight of them. By opening the character drawer on the upper left-hand side, you can summon any character at will. Additionally, there are sign posts scattered throughout the landscape that let you quickly get to any character’s home.

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Parents Need to Know

Pangoland features an open-ended gameplay with no rules and no time limits. The app is mostly language-neutral, and has no written or audio guides. That said, you can go to the developer’s website to read several tips to help you discover neat interactions. The recommended age range for the app is 3-5 years old.

The app is safe for kids as it does not require Internet access, and will work just fine in Airplane mode. It has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no social media links.

You can change the seasons, the weather, and the time of dayYou can change the seasons, the weather, and the time of day

Things I Like

With so many interactions to discover, Pangoland will keep your kids busy for some time. There is a sense of variety as you can combine items and characters to get interesting results, plus different characters can treat the same items differently. Since you are free to change the season, weather, and time of day, you’re bound to discover something new every time you play.

Visually, all Pango apps remind me of vintage Japanese children’s books. The illustrations are cute with bright colors and bold lines, which I think will appeal to young kids. One thing I especially love about this app is we get to learn more about each character by studying their homes. We now know that Fox enjoys tinkering and making robots, and Bunny loves nature and art.

A downside to the app is some of the objects can be hard to grab because they are quite small (I would recommend installing the app on an iPad). And while I absolute adore the soundtrack (there’s a different variation for each season), the sound effects for some items can be maddening. It doesn’t help that some actions can go on infinitely; for example, the kettle can boil forever. Stopping these actions after a period of time would save parents from potential headaches, and could also be used to teach kids about cause and effect. Perhaps the kettle would be burnt if left on the heat for too long, or the stove would run out of gas.

You will also find fun mini-games hidden throughout the landscapeYou will also find fun mini-games hidden throughout the landscape


Pangoland is a colorful little world that invites kids to play with adorable animal friends at their homes. The open-ended gameplay hides hundreds of interactive objects and several mini games that will keep kids busy exploring. You can also change seasons to suit your mood, or switch from day to night. A fun, stress-free app for ages 3 and up.

Pangoland is available for iPhone/iPad
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