Duckie Deck Giggle Glass, or How to Get Your Child to Play Outside

Giggle Glass encourages kids to explore and playGiggle Glass encourages kids to explore and play

It seems that many kids are all about screens these days, be it iPad or TV. We’re not saying this is bad — after all, we’ve seen many, many useful and educational iPad apps for kids — but it would be nice if they periodically get up and play outside. Ironically enough, we think this recent app from Duckie Deck is a fantastic solution for our problem.

The app is called Duckie Deck Giggle Glass, and it’s a clever way to get kids exploring more than just the corners of their living room. Using the device’s camera (and a bunch of silly filters), it alter the things you see in interesting ways.

Through the Giggle Glass

The main screen of the app is made to look like a magnifying glass with interchangeable lens filters. These filters distort your view in various ways, much like a funhouse mirror. For example, one filter pixelates things while another shows images in reversed black and white.

The app includes more than 10 filters, which you can swap quickly with a swipe. Some filters also allow you to adjust the intensity of its effect by moving the slider on the rim of the lens. You can increase or decrease the level of magnification in the magnification filter, for example.

If you happen to like the image you see, you can tap the shutter button to snap a picture. You can preview the image before saving it to your device’s Camera Roll, which is a nice touch. You can switch between the back and front cameras at any time.

Fun, funhouse-style filters alter the objects you see through the device’s cameraFun, funhouse-style filters alter the objects you see through the device’s camera

Parents Need to Know

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass doesn’t come with instructions. In fact, it has no text at all. Kids are encouraged to use the app any way they like, preferably to aid for their creative explorations. The interface is simple enough for kids to use independently or with family and friends. (We would suggest investing in a tough case if you’re letting your kids roam alone with your device, though!)

The app works well in Airplane mode. It contains no ads, no in-app purchases, and no social media links. It is available as a Universal app on the App Store.

You can adjust the filter intensity using the sliderYou can adjust the filter intensity using the slider

Things I Like

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass is an amusing app that encourages kids to get up and explore. It appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn about their surroundings. The simple, one-touch interface makes it easy to switch filters any time, but gets out of the way so kids focus on play. There is a handful of filters readily available to alter their vision of things, many of which are sure to induce giggles.

It would be nice, I think, to update the app with more comical filters in the future. Perhaps an X-Ray filter, or a filter that lets you put googly eyes on everything? But as it is now, Giggle Glass is a great app.

You can also use the front camera to distort your own face!You can also use the front camera to distort your own face!


An app for young explorers, Duckie Deck Giggle Glass will literally change your perspective. It uses the device’s camera and more than 10 silly filters to alter your surroundings. You can adjust the effects to get different results, and take snapshots of what you see. The one-touch interface makes it easy to use by ages 5 and under. Beware, it will send your kids on a photo-frenzy!

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.