Baking with Kids is Fun in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off

Kids learn to bake various treats in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake OffKids learn to bake various treats in Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off

Baking with kids can be a fun and rewarding activity. Through baking, kids can discover new foods and learn about nutrition. It’s also a great way to learn how to follow instructions.

If you are thinking to introduce your child to baking, we recommend Max and Ruby Bunny Bake Off, a new app from Cupcake Digital, which lets kids make and decorate all kinds of foods with beloved bunny characters Ruby and Max. It’s a simple, rule-free app suitable for preschoolers.

Bunny Bake Off

Max, Ruby, and Grandma Bunny are in the kitchen, ready to make their favorite foods. A thought bubble can be seen above each of their heads, which indicates a particular food you can make. Simply tap on the one you want to start baking.

Following each character’s instructions, you complete the recipe step by step. You will be introduced to a number of ingredients, such as butter and flour, and cooking terminology, such as a cup and a pinch. You will also use various kitchen utensils, such as a spatula, a cheese grater, and an ice cream churn.

There are 12 recipes available, which includes Sticky Fruit Pies, Birthday Cake with raspberry fluff filling, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are also less, ahem, conventional recipes courtesy of mischievous Max, such as Earthworm Cake with Caterpillar Icing. You can view all the recipes you have tried in the Recipe Book.

Also included is a Paint mode, where you can have fun with a series of Easter-themed coloring pages and a wide array of tools, including stickers. You can even decorate your own Easter egg.

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Parents Need to Know

Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off is designed for children ages five and below. It is mostly text-free; you follow the audio instructions (currently in English only) to prepare the food. Focusing on fun, the app has no time limit and no scores. There is room for creativity as kids are allowed to decorate the food to their liking.

The app works great in Airplane mode. It contains no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. You can see the developer’s other apps on the main screen, but to follow the links you must first enter your birth year. Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off is available as a Universal app on the App Store.

Kids follow simple instructions to make delicious foodsKids follow simple instructions to make delicious foods

Things I Like

Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off is a child-friendly app in that the overall tone of the app is very positive and encouraging: when Max mischievously suggests they add icky ingredients to their recipes, Ruby and Grandma gently decline his offer or simply laugh it off. They also praise him (and the players) even though his creations aren’t exactly edible. This sends a positive message about letting kids be kids, even if their imagination runs a little wild.

Design-wise, there is little to complain about. Navigation is straightforward and the instructions easy to follow. The graphics are cute and colorful. Everything is interactive in the app, including the loading screen.

I only wish that the recipes were available in text form for the parents to print out. They seem simple enough to make at home, and I’m sure many kids would love to try their hands at Ruby’s chocolate chip cookies or Grandma Bunny’s scones.

The app has a variety of easy-to-follow kid‘s recipes from birthday cakes to mudcakes


Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off is A mess-free way to introduce kids to baking. This cute app has many easy-to-follow kid’s recipes from Birthday Cake with raspberry fluff icing to Ant and Acorn Pancakes. Navigation is simple, allowing even the youngest of children to follow along. A spring-themed coloring book is also included with various tools, paints, and stickers. Overall, this is a must-have for Max & Ruby fans!

Max & Ruby Bunny Bake Off is available for iPhone/iPad
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