Pepi Bath 2: Potty Training for Kids Made Easier

The role-playing game Pepi Bath 2 brings new characters, scenes, and better graphics

The role-playing game Pepi Bath 2 brings new characters, scenes, and better graphics

For many parents, teaching kids about personal hygiene is an uphill battle. There are many apps out there that try to make it easier, but we always go back to our personal favorite, Pepi Bath. Made by Pepi Play, it is a role-playing app where kids help a boy and girl character tidy up after themselves. It was the first app we knew to teach kids about personal hygiene, including potty training and brushing their teeth.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who love the app. Reception has been so well that Pepi Play recently released a sequel: Pepi Bath 2. The new app has the same entertaining gameplay we love, but with Retina graphics, expanded scenes, and new characters to play with.

How to Tidy Up in Style

The original Pepi Bath has four bathroom scenarios: going to the toilet, in the bath, at the sink, and in the laundry room. In each scene, you help your selected character clean up after themselves. For example, the toilet scene requires you to tap on the character’s stomach a few times to make him “go” before wiping his bottom and flushing the toilet.

The new app has all the aforementioned scenes, plus two new ones: dressing up and ironing clothes. It also introduces four new characters, including a cat and a dog. To begin playing, you select any character and activity you want.

In the dress-up activity, you help your character dry himself with a towel after a bath. You then pick out what he should wear from a wardrobe of animal onesies, pajamas, shirts, dresses, pants, socks, and shoes. Optionally, you can spray on some perfume.

In the ironing scenario, you help your character iron a pile of freshly laundered clothes. You then fold them neatly by following the dotted lines before sorting them into drawers.

Besides new activities and new characters, Pepi Bath 2 has enhanced graphics and music. The artwork still has the same painterly style, but it has been updated for Retina devices. The reward animation at the end of an activity is more encouraging with loud clapping sounds and fun background music.

Parents Need to Know

Pepi Bath 2 features a friendly gameplay with no time limit and high scores. It has no text, so reading is not required to play. You can play the activities in any order. You can also exit a scene any time by tapping on the red X button on the upper right-hand side. The recommended age range for the app is 2-6 years old.

The app works well without Internet connection. It has no ads and no in-app purchases. Grown-up stuff, which includes a short letter from the developer and social network links, are secured with a math problem well above the level of the intended audience. It is available as a Universal app.

Bathe, clean, and help the cute characters go potty
Bathe, clean, and help the cute characters go potty

Things I Like

Compared to the original, Pepi Bath 2 feels like a more cohesive activity set. The small details here and there link the activities together; after a bath, for example, the character is dripping wet so you have to dry him off with a towel before getting him into his clothes. The toilet scenario has also been updated to include washing the character’s hands after he is done with his business, a detail which I greatly appreciate.

Visually, the app has the art style of the original but sharper and more polished. The hair movement looks realistic, which makes shampooing and blow-drying the characters’ hair (or fur) a lot of fun. I especially love giving the cat a bath!

Overall, Pepi Bath 2 is a fantastic improvement on an already terrific work. Even if you already have the original Pepi Bath, the new features make it well-worth the upgrade. If you don’t have the original app and are looking for a solid app to teach your kids about tidying up, then I highly recommend Pepi Bath 2 to you.

The new activities include a dress-up game with a colorful selection of clothes
The new activities include a dress-up game with a colorful selection of clothes


Our go-to app to teach toddlers about personal hygiene gets a remake with enhanced graphics, friendly new characters, and expanded activities. Well worth the upgrade if you’re a fan of the original, and a fantastic starter if you’re new to Pepi Play’s work. Highly recommended for ages 2-6.

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