Amazing World OCEAN Helps Kids Learn About Ocean Animals

Amazing World OCEAN is an interactive encyclopedia about sea animalsAmazing World OCEAN is an interactive encyclopedia about sea animals

Many scientists believe that life originated from the ocean 3 billion years ago. Today, it is home to more than 230,000 known species that occupy its every depth. You can learn about more than 50 of these species in Amazing World’s new app, Amazing World OCEAN.

The first in an upcoming series that explores our world, OCEAN is an interactive introduction to the ocean and its inhabitants. It is designed to be an encyclopedia, where each animal is presented with pictures and detailed information.

The Deep Blue

A picturesque ocean is divided into several horizontal layers where similar species are grouped together. From top to bottom, you will find: schools, comprised of tuna, manta ray, sea turtle, and the like; coral reef-dwellers such as clownfish and starfish; dolphins; whales; sharks; and deep ocean fish such as giant squids and anglerfish.

Tapping on each animal will let you view various information about the animal, for example, what it eats and how much it weighs. A habitat map indicates where the animal can be found in the world, and a scale reference chart shows the animal’s size in relation to humans. You can also listen the sounds made by the animal, read interesting facts, and scroll through the picture gallery. Finally, an interactive 3D view lets you swipe on the screen to get a 360-degree view of each animal.

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Parents Need to Know

Amazing World OCEAN is best suited for independent readers ages 9 and up, but younger children can also enjoy it with parental guidance. Professionally recorded narration is provided for the Information section for each animal, but unfortunately not for the Interesting Facts.

The app has no ads and no in-app purchases. It contains no external links, but an option to share the app using the iOS share sheet is accessible from the in-app Settings menu. The app is perfectly usable while offline or in Airplane mode.

Amazing World OCEAN is currently available in English only. It is a Universal app downloadable now from the App Store.

Vibrant, photorealistic graphics invite you to explore and learnVibrant photorealistic graphics invite you to explore and learn

Things I Like

The app features vibrant, photorealistic graphics that invite you to dive into the deep waters. The coral reef section, which is my absolute favorite, is densely packed with corals of many hues and brightly colored tropical fishes. Scrolling downward, you can see how the water is darker and less populated as it receives less sunlight. I also love the interactive 3D view as it gives you the opportunity to learn more about each animal and and how it naturally moves in the water.

Content-wise, I like how the app provides detailed information about each animal in several small chunks. This helps readers remember then easily. There are more than 250 interesting facts, so you’re bound to learn something from the app.

My only complaint is the music, which is too gloomy for my taste. Fortunately, the app includes an option to turn it off.

In the future, it would be cool to see a size chart comparing all the species in the app. I would also love to see more species included, and be able to sort them based on living depth instead of similarity.

Interactive 3D view provides you with a 360-degree look at each animalInteractive 3D view provides you with a 360-degree look at each animal


Amazing World OCEAN is an interactive 3D encyclopedia that takes you on a dive into the deep blue to meet its curious inhabitants. Over 50 species from reef-dwellers to deep-sea fish are included, complete with fun facts, scale reference, habitat map, interactive 3D view, and photo gallery. Picturesque graphics create an engaging presentation and separate the app from others like it. Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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