Scribbaloo Train Takes Kids on a Handmade Toy Train Ride

Scribbaloo Train is a fun, interactive picture book for toddlers and preschoolers
Scribbaloo Train is a fun, interactive picture book for toddlers and preschoolers

Regardless of their gender, many young children enjoy playing train sets. It’s a lot of fun to see (and move!) them on tracks while carrying all sorts of cargo. If your kids love trains, then they will probably like Scribbaloo Train. It's an interactive, simple-to-use picture book in which children follow a toy train through ten different scenes.

All Aboard the Scribbaloo Train

The premise of the game is simple: complete the scene and get the train moving. In each scene you will see dotted blank spots, which when tapped will be filled with objects made out of various craft materials such as paper, fabric, and buttons. The train will move after you tap on the rainbow button on the bottom right corner, complete with a cheery music and the sound of horns blowing in the background.

The first scene will have you tapping on the outline of a three-car train into existence. Then, you load the passengers one by one: a plush dog becomes the train driver, a pink pig sits in the middle car, and a plastic Stegosaurus enjoys the view on the open-top hopper.

Before the train comes into view in the next scene, you must fill any blank spots in that scene. Outlines become paper skyscrapers in a bustling mural city, cotton sheep on foil green pastures, crepe paper trees, denim mountains, and cardboard camels. As the train rolls away on popsicle stick tracks, the completed scene comes to life with falling leaves, shooting stars, setting suns, and more.

Parents Need to Know

Scribbaloo Train is an easy-to-use app that makes a great introduction to touchscreen devices. The repetitive and calm gameplay makes it suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Additionally, it employs no time limits and no rules. It contains no text or audio narration, thus no reading is required.

The app has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no links to external sites. It works great in Airplane mode. It is available now as a Universal app on the App Store.

Tap the outlined shapes to complete the scenes
Tap the outlined shapes to complete the scenes

Things I Like

Although simple, Scribbaloo Train is well made. The graphics are cute, the music happy, and the gameplay soothing for toddlers. As kids follow the colorful train, they will be introduced to a variety of scenes they may have never seen before.

Speaking of visuals, the app has uses a unique style where every object is made out of paper, cardboard, fabric, or other things you can easily find around the house. The scenes are laid on a wall, and the tracks across a carpeted floor. The whole look reminds me of a homemade art project, and serves as a great inspiration for your next parent-child activity. If you are interested, you can check out the free resources for parents on the developer’s website, including coloring pages and instructional videos for creating fun art projects.

The app includes 10 colorful scenes from cities to beaches
The app includes 10 colorful scenes from cities to beaches


Scribbaloo Train, a cute picture book made from craft materials, takes toddlers and preschoolers on a joyous train ride through 10 different scenes. Simple interactions and happy music make it a great starter app for young kids who are new to touchscreen devices. Text-free, neither reading nor understanding of English is necessary to enjoy the app.

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