Chuggington - We are the Chuggineers App is an Action-Packed Story with Fun Games

The We are the Chuggineers app is based on the Chuggineers: Ready to Build extended episodeThe We are the Chuggineers app is based on the Chuggineers: Ready to Build extended episode

We Geeks are big fans of StoryToys’s 3D pop-up books. We have accumulated quite a few of them over the years, but we’re always on the lookout for their new titles. Recently we have been enjoying their latest release, Chuggington - We are the Chuggineers. Based on the popular children’s animated series, it’s an action-packed story filled with fun 3D illustrations and immersive games.

Chug, Chug!

The story is based on the television special episode called Chuggineers: Ready to Build. It follows the newest Chuggers — Zack, Tyne, Fletch, Cormac, and Payce — as they build a bridge for the new high-speed link to Tootington.

Like all of StoryToys’s pop-up titles, the app features interactive 3D illustrations. You can tilt the device (or swipe left or right) to reveal more of the scene, and tap on the objects to listen to what the characters have to say. Throughout the adventure, you can also watch video clips from the TV show.

Additionally, four dynamic games are embedded throughout the story: Track Challenge with Zack, a multi-level game where you tap on the disjointed tracks to properly connect them to the railroad; The Big Dig, where you help Tyne steer the tunnel-borer by keeping it within the red lines; Ring Rescue, a side-scrolling running game where you help Brewster and Cormac chase the runaway tunnel ring; and Tunnel Racer, a 3D running game where you help Payce avoid obstacles and do her fastest tunnel run ever.

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Parents Need to Know

The app comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read it Myself, and Auto-Play. The narrated modes feature the original voices from the animated series. They also include a word-highlighting feature.

Whenever you want, you can jump to a specific page, game, or video clip using the page navigator. Simply tap on the button on the upper right-hand corner, and select the page you want. You can also reset the stars that you have collected in the games from this menu.

It should be noted that the app uses the show’s official theme song as background music in the main screen. If necessary, you can turn it off by tapping on the music button. The story itself uses only sound effects and no background music.

For those wondering, Chuggington - We are the Chuggineers works well in Airplane mode. It has no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. Links to the developer’s other apps will not be visible until you tap on the StoryToys logo, and to access them you must be able to perform specific gestures.

The app is available in US/UK English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian. It is available now as a Universal app on the App Store.

The app features interactive 3D illustrations that move as you tilt your deviceThe app features interactive 3D illustrations that move as you tilt your device

Things I Like

The story itself is an entertaining read, but I have to say the games really make the app engaging. All four fit the theme really well, and are equally fun. I like that you can collect stars, which gives kids an incentive to come back. I also like that the app provides you with lots of positive encouragements as you play.

Visually, the app has beautifully rendered illustrations that fill up the screen. As you tilt the device (or swipe the screen) left or right, the foreground and background objects move at different speeds to create a sense of depth — it’s quite a lovely effect. My favorite scene is where Tyne tunnels through the mountain, kicking up some debris in the process.

The app also includes four fun dynamic 3D games for the whole familyThe app also includes four fun dynamic 3D games for the whole family


Featuring beautiful 3D illustrations and an exciting story, Chuggington - We are the Chuggineers is a great addition to any Chuggington fan’s collection. Multiple reading modes cater to different reading levels, while four immersive 3D games provide fun for the whole family. Suitable for ages three and up.

Chuggington - We are the Chuggineers is available for iPhone/iPad
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