Celebrate Valentine’s Day with My Little Pony: Hearts & Hooves Day

My Little Pony: Hearts & Hooves app is a cute Valentine-themed storybook based on a TV episode of the same title

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it with your kids than with a family reading session. We have reviewed several book apps in the past that would be perfect for the occasion, such as Elmo Loves You! and I Love You All the Time. Today, we also want to suggest My Little Pony: Hearts & Hooves Day.

Hearts & Hooves Day

It’s Hearts & Hooves Day in Ponyville, a day where ponies celebrate friendship and caring for one another. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom think it would be a great idea to invite their teacher, Miss Cheerilee and Apple Boom’s older brother, Big Mac to a picnic together. When the two do not become best friends right away, the fillies decide to help them out… by brewing a friendship potion.

Based on an episode of My Little Pony, the app is a comedic tale about relationships, learning from your mistakes, and making responsible decisions. The graphics and animations are pulled directly from the TV episode, and you can tap on the outlined objects to watch them come to life.

The app comes with three reading modes: Read it Myself, Read to Me, and Auto Play. Both Read to Me and Auto Play modes include professional narration and word highlighting. The difference between the two is that in the former mode, you control the animations and page-turns.

Whatever reading mode you choose, the app will highlight the difficult words on each page. You can tap each word to listen to it and see it explained through an animation. At the end of the story, you can also learn about the sight words you read in a practice session.

Finally, the app includes a Friendship Photo feature that lets you take pictures with your favorite ponies. You can save these pictures to the device’s Camera Roll.

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Parents Need to Know

Unlike the episode it is based on, the Hearts & Hooves Day app focuses on friendships and platonic relationships, making it suitable for preschoolers. In the story kids will have the opportunity to pick up some social skills, especially how to maintain supportive and honest friendships. They will also learn how their actions can affect other people, and how to correct and learn from their mistakes.

The app contains a protected parents’ section where you can monitor your child’s progress, including how many pages she has read and how many difficult words she has pressed. Also found in this section are social media links.

The app contains no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. There is a section accessible from the main page where you can see a list of the developer’s other apps, but to access these apps you first need to enter your birth year. This section will require an Internet connection. But, the rest of the app can be accessed without problems in Airplane mode.

My Little Pony: Hearts & Hooves Day is only available in English. It can be downloaded as a universal app on the App Store.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help Miss Cheerilee become friends with Big Mac... with unexpected consequences!

Things I Like

Hearts & Hooves Day app features cute, vibrant graphics and animations that My Little Pony fans will enjoy. Navigating the app is easy as buttons are clearly marked, and you can even jump to specific pages in the story using the page navigator.

The story itself is adorable and suitable for all ages. It’s hard not to laugh at the fillies’ silly antics! I also like how it contains positive moral lessons about how one should be more responsible about their decisions and learn from their mistakes.

Finally, Word Roundup is a useful feature to aid emerging readers learn new words. The Friendship Photo feature is also a nice touch. I do hope that more activities would be added in future updates to give the app more replay value; some coloring sheets or mini games would be nice.

You can take pictures with your favorite pony in the Friendship Photo feature


My Little Pony: Hearts and Hooves Day is a silly Valentine’s Day story that will entertain My Little Pony fans of all ages. Cute illustrations and animations coupled with professional narration make the story enjoyable, even for emerging readers. It also includes positive lessons about friendships and responsible decision-making.

My Little Pony: Hearts & Hooves Day is available for iPhone/iPad
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