Announcing Our Best Apps for Kids 2015 Roundup

As the curtains close on another year, it’s with great enthusiasm that we present to you this year’s best apps for kids. Competition is tough this year, and we spent some time debating over which apps to include. We did end up with 10 more apps than last year — bringing the total to 60 apps — but we believe that each of the app on this list deserves its spot. These are some of the most inventive, engaging, and thoughtful apps we’ve seen this year, and we can only hope to see more of them in the future.

And so, here are our Top 60 Apps for Kids 2015. As always, we’ve categorized the apps based on their utility and recommended age range. Do check it out and tweet us your favorite apps from the list. And if you think the list is useful, please share it with your friends.