The Sometimes Road is a Beautifully Illustrated Poem for All Ages

The Sometimes Road is a beautifully illustrated poem for adults and kids alike

The Sometimes Road is a beautifully illustrated poem for adults and kids alike

As the year draws to a close, some of us might be contemplating about the times ahead. I thought it would be fitting to share with you this newest app from The Happy Dandelion, called The Sometimes Road.

It’s a beautifully illustrated poem about the grand journey that is life. The developer says it’s meant to read with someone special, and I couldn’t agree more.

The journey begins with an image of a winding road. At the touch of your finger, text begins to appear. Touch the screen once more, and the next sentence bounces into view to complete the passage:

There is a sometimes road ahead that we are about to travel.
Sometimes it is smooth and paved.
Sometimes it is bumpy gravel.

The rest of the poem unfolds in a similar way: at your trigger and with quiet animations. There are 11 distinctive scenes in total, each bursting with colors and rich in texture. A peaceful piano track accompanies your reading from start to finish.

The app has rich artwork and subdued animations that bring the poem to life

The app has rich artwork and subdued animations that bring the poem to life

The poem itself is beautifully written with a good sense of rhymes, but do note that the words are neither narrated nor highlighted — this app is decidedly more for the geeks instead of the juniors. I wouldn’t be against reading it together with your tots, though, and I personally think it’s a great bedtime reading material.

The ending is sweet — maybe a little cliche, but sweet nonetheless. As a piece of pink paper is folded into an origami heart, the last passage reads:

There is a Sometimes Road ahead and no matter where it takes us to…
There is a Sometimes Road ahead and I will travel it always with you.

The Sometimes Road has no in-app purchases, no third-party advertising, no external links, and no access to social media. It’s available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

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App was provided for our honest review.

About The Happy Dandelion

Located in New York City, The Happy Dandelion was founded in 2013 by Donna and Joshua Wilson. They conceive, create, write, illustrate and produce their own content with a passionate commitment to make engaging products that entertain children of all ages.

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