Learn and Play with Rose Milany as She Waits for Santa Claus

Follow Rose Milany and her dog Pixie as they prepare for Santa's arrival

Follow Rose Milany and her dog Pixie as they prepare for Santa's arrival

With Christmas right around the corner, many kids are eagerly anticipating a visit from Santa. If yours are too, here’s a cute app to entertain them while they wait: Rose Milany waits for Santa Claus.

It’s an interactive storybook packed with fun games, aimed at kids ages 3+. There’s also an original song included for extra cheer.

The story, told in rhymes, follows Rose Milany as she prepares for Santa’s arrival. Her to-do list includes decorating the tree, making a wreath, and baking cookies.

In each scene, kids can interact with the objects on screen with a touch of a finger. For example, they can tap the tree to decorate it with tinsel, or the fireplace to light a fire. More than 50 interactive objects can be found throughout the story, each marked with a flicker for easy discovery.

Test your reading comprehension in the mini games

Test your reading comprehension in the mini games

After reading the story, kids can try their hands at the 5 mini games included. Each game is equally appealing, but we really like the one called The Memoread. It’s a memory game where you’ll be asked a series of questions about the objects found in the story. For example, you may be asked what color is Rose Milany’s ribbon.

Another interesting game is called The Stickers. In this game, kids must drag stickers into the blanks to complete the story they’ve read previously. Both this game and The Memoread are great for helping kids with their reading comprehension and concentration.

The third game that we like is called The Christmas Tree, and it involves dragging numbered Christmas bulbs in sequence to decorate Rose Milany’s tree. This game has two difficulty levels; in the more difficult level, kids must solve simple math problems before they can place the bulbs onto the tree.

The other two games are The Maze (dragging objects through a maze to build a snowman) and The Puzzle (assembling Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles). Both are classic games that young kids will easily enjoy.

Kids can decorate trees, complete jigsaw puzzles, and more

Kids can decorate trees, complete jigsaw puzzles, and more

You might remember Rose Milany from our review a few months ago. She’s an adorable French girl who stars in her own series of interactive storybooks. Rose Milany waits for Santa Claus is actually the first book in the series, but we only recently learned that it’s been made available in English.

As we noted in our past review, the Rose Milany series is great for young kids because it has an adorable character and a simple storyline. But if you have an older child or an ESL, you can take advantage of the app’s reading comprehension games.

Like most interactive books nowadays, the app offers the option to read the story on your own or have a narrator read it for you. The app has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. It also works great without an Internet connection.

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