DADA Trains: Fun Train Games for Kids

DADA Trains offers a series of activities built around a common theme: trains

DADA Trains offers a series of activities built around a common theme: trains

Many children find trains a fascinating subject. If yours do too, then you might enjoy our app pick for today: DADA Trains. It’s a fun collection of activities in which kids can play, explore, create, and learn all about trains.

All Aboard the Fun Train

At the time of this review, DADA Trains features 5 unique activities. You can select any activity you want by swiping through the thumbnails on the main screen. Then, tap the big play button to begin.

The first activity in the app is called Look Inside. It’s an informative section in which you can learn how a steam locomotive works. Drag the slider to “peel” the outer layer and peek into the inner workings of the locomotive, and tap the info button to learn what each component is called. You can also tap the stoker to add coal to the boiler, and watch as the train goes faster.

The second activity, Train Factory, is where you can design your own locomotive and ride it across the world. Along the way, you must put together shapes to form a smooth path for your train. Each successful pass will add a car to your locomotive, and you can have as many as 7 cars. Note that the puzzles get more difficult as the game progresses.

The third activity, Playground, is an open-ended game that spans three colorful scenes. You’re free to make up stories about the things you see, guide the train through the town, and discover hidden animations. There are no specific objectives here, but you can try finding the 3 characters that are hiding in each scene.

The fourth activity is the Simulator, a virtual train dashboard complete with buttons and switches that trigger noises, lights, and other fun effects. An interesting function is using the device’s camera to project images onto the train’s screen, which will be a hit with kids.

The fifth activity is called Magic Canvas, and as you might have guessed it’s a free-play section where you can draw to your heart’s content. You can use different brushes, play with colors, and add stickers to perfect your work. There’s also a fun mirror function that helps you create perfectly symmetrical objects.

Parents Need to Know

DADA Trains is the first release in the DADA collection, a new series of apps that offer a set of activities designed around one common theme. The apps are designed for a global audience, and are suitable for ages 4-8. However, please note that younger kids might need assistance with the more tricky shape puzzles in the Train Factory game.

The app is perfectly usable without an Internet connection. It has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. External links to the developer’s other apps are secured behind a parental lock.

Use the virtual dashboard to role-play as a railroad engineer

Use the virtual dashboard to role-play as a railroad engineer

Things I Like

If you have a child who can’t get enough of trains and vehicles, DADA Trains is worth looking into. It collects multiple train-related activities in one convenient app, meaning you can worry less about entertaining your child during breaks or while on the go, for example. And because each activity is unique, there should be something to appeal to everyone.

Visually, I think the app looks great. The art style is distinctive and the overall look is vibrant. The upbeat background music goes well with the train theme, but if you’d rather have it muted there’s an option to do so. Another feature worth mentioning is support for multiple languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Indonesian.

Use the slider to "peel" away the steam engine's outer layer and discover the many components underneath the hood

Use the slider to "peel" away the steam engine's outer layer and discover the many components underneath the hood


DADA Trains is the definitive app for train-loving toddlers. This vibrant offering has various activities that allow kids to role-play as a railroad engineer, build their own trains, solve puzzles, and more. Designed for a global audience, it will easily appeal to ages 4+.

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