Learn About Cars and Trucks in Big City Vehicles

In Big City Vehicles, kids can learn about different vehicles in the street, subway, and sky

In Big City Vehicles, kids can learn about different vehicles in the street, subway, and sky

Do you have young kids who love toy vehicles? Here’s a neat app for them: Big City Vehicles. Created by The Melody Book, it’s a fun app where kids can discover the many vehicles found in the street, the subway, and the sky. At the same time, they can also experience the bustling city life.

Start Your Engines

When you start the app, you’ll be presented with a street view. One by one, vehicles will drive across the screen. Tap them to hear their names, for example, school bus, ice cream truck, taxi, and so on.

What’s interesting is that some vehicles will take you to a mini game when tapped. For example, the firetruck will let you assist the firefighters in putting out a fire. Some other games that you’ll find include mixing cement using the cement truck mixer to build a ramp, shoveling rocks with a bulldozer, and helping the farmer in the tractor sort fruits and vegetables.

Do note that the vehicles will appear randomly in the street, but you can always tap the arrow on the bottom left to bring out the vehicle drawer. From there, you can select any vehicle you want. The vehicles you’ve tapped are marked with a star.

In addition to the street, you can also go underground to ride the subway, or upwards to the sky to explore aerial vehicles. In all, you’ll have more than 25 colorful vehicles to discover in the app.

Parents Need to Know

Big City Vehicles features simple mini games that have no rules, no scores, and no timer. Even though it doesn’t come with instructions, it’s quite intuitive to use. The developer recommends the app for ages 1-4.

If you happen to own an Apple Watch, you can download a companion app for Big City Vehicles. It works like a remote control so that you can select the vehicle you want to display. It also allows you to turn the music on or off.

The app has no third-party advertising and no in-app purchases. You don’t need an Internet connection to play the app.

The app includes mini games to teach kids what each vehicle does

The app includes mini games to teach kids what each vehicle does

Things I Like

Like all The Melody Book apps, Big City Vehicles has vibrant graphics and a simple gameplay that will appeal to young kids. The mini games included in the app give kids the opportunity to role-play as firemen, medic, construction workers, and other interesting figures. And while the app has a fun, laid-back feel, kids can still learn a thing or two about different vehicles and their purposes.

The app also has many interesting details. At the subway station, for example, you’ll see different passengers getting on and off the subway car. You’ll also see a subway musician, who will play a tune on his saxophone at your touch. Another detail that kids will enjoy is being able to pop colorful balloons that float in the sky.

Discover interactive, fun details in each location

Discover interactive, fun details in each location


Big City Vehicles is a bustling app where kids can explore the city and its many vehicles. Included in the app are several mini games that will teach them about the use of each vehicle. All in all, it’s a delightful romp that kids ages 1-4 will enjoy.

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