Little Big Foot Helps Kids Learn the Value of Home and Family

Join Little Big Foot as he journeys to The City

While the App Store has many good storybook apps, most of them are adapted from existing books or fairy tales. Finding a well-written original title is slightly more difficult. A recent favorite of mine is The Unstealer, which also happens to be the Best Original Storybook for Kids Ages 6-7 in 2014.

Today, I would like to share with you another terrific original story. Called Little Big Foot, it follows a young Big Foot who journeys to the city in search of adventure.

The Little Big Foot

In a mountain far away was a village of hardworking, cloud-blowing Big Foots. The littlest of them all was Little Big Foot. Unlike his peers, Little Big Foot hated work and preferred blowing clouds all day. He wanted to leave his mountain and go on a big adventure.

Despite his father’s strict orders, Little Big Foot escaped with his cloud friend, Nimbus, to The City. Overwhelmed by the busy city, he was captured by a villainous producer and made into a star. But despite his newfound fame, Little Big Foot felt unhappy. Will he ever find his way home again?

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Parents Need to Know

Spanning 40 pages, Little Big Foot is an interactive tale fit for kids ages three and up. It features hand-drawn illustrations and soothing background music, and has story-driven interactions on every page. Kids can, for example, tap on Little Big Foot to make him blow clouds. Each interactive experience is marked with a glowing outline to make it easier to find.

The app has great reading options. Advanced readers may choose to turn off the gentle narration in favor of independent reading. It is also possible to toggle on or off the text, sound effects, and background music from the in-app Settings menu.

Little Big Foot is currently available for free as an iPad app on the App Store. The download comes with the full story. It has no ads and no in-app purchases. It is only available in English.

The cloud-blowing Little Big Foot is made into a star

Things I Like

Little Big Foot is a charming story that sends a positive message to its readers. Through Little Big Foot’s escape and eventual homecoming, readers will be reminded of the value of home and family. And, that sometimes what we seek is actually within sight if we only bothered to look.

Interface-wise, there is nothing to complain about this lovely app. I adore the paper-style graphics and the muted color palette, which is easy on the eyes. The soundtrack is so soothing that I happily kept it on through many repeat reading sessions.

Despite his newfound fame, Little Big Foot misses his family


A heartwarming tale about finding one’s self. Soothing but never dull, it’s packed with interactive experiences on every page. Gentle narration accompanies the reader from start to finish while a quiet soundtrack enhances the reading experience. A nice read for kids ages three and up.

Little Big Foot is available for iPad
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