Kapu Bloom Tunes Lets Kids Paint and Grow Musical Flowers

Kids grow musical flowers in Kapu Bloom Tunes

Kids grow musical flowers in Kapu Bloom Tunes

Creating music and painting are two favorite pastimes for many kids. Now, the two have combined together in a lovely app: Kapu Bloom Tunes.

Developed by Kapu Toys, it is a digital toy made for ages 0-3. Kids will dig deep into the ground to paint magical seeds with their fingers. Once the flower have bloomed, they can spin the petals to listen to various melodies.

Blooming Tunes

The app begins with a seed buried deep in the ground. Kids can paint the seed however they like using the colors provided. The interesting feature here is that each color corresponds to a note in the musical scale. For example, red is do, orange is re, yellow is mi, and so on.

As kids paint their seed, a tune will start to form according to the strokes they make. Sometimes the tune is that of a familiar nursery rhyme, such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, or something new entirely.

To grow the seed, kids must tap and hold on the water can on the top left of the screen. Water will then flood the screen, and the seed will crack and reveal a flower. At this moment kids can see the fruits of their labor: the petals will have the exact pattern they drew on the seed. Additionally, they will hear the tune they made when they spin the flower.

Spinning the flowers, kids can create more music. They can spin the flower clockwise to play the tune forward, or spin it backwards to listen to the tune in reverse. The speed of the spin also affects the tempo of the tune. Furthermore, you can tap on the center of the flower to make drumming sounds.

You can create infinite flower designs, but only the most recent three will appear in the garden at the same time. You can play music with all three flowers simultaneously as the app supports multi-touch. It should also be noted that different instruments can be heard as you paint new seeds.

Parents Need to Know

Kapu Bloom Tunes features an open-ended gameplay with no high scores, no time limits and no difficulty levels. It is language-neutral and intuitive so no reading skills are required to play.

The app works great in Airplane mode. It contains no in-app purchases, no social media links, and no third-party ads. Protected links to the developer’s other apps are visible on the starting screen.

The app is available now as a universal app on the App Store.

Paint the seed and watch as the pattern appear on the flower's petals

Paint the seed and watch as the pattern appear on the flower's petals

Things I Like

Kapu Bloom Tunes has a simple but cute gameplay. The controls are intuitive, although younger kids may need help with tapping and holding the water button to make the seeds grow. It is responsive and plays without a hitch on my older iPad 3.

Visually, the app is a treat with its vibrant color palette. The animations are cute, too; for example, a friendly worm will randomly appear as you paint the seed. The whole setup makes it a relaxing toy for kids.

Finally, I like how you can use the app to teach your kids about colors and music. By observing how the petals mimic the painting on the seed, you can also introduce your kids to the concept of symmetry.

Fun surprises, like this friendly worm, makes the app a joy to use

Fun surprises, like this friendly worm, makes the app a joy to use


A cute toy that lets kids paint and grow musical flowers. Parents can use the app to introduce kids to the musical scale and the concept of symmetry. Simple and easy to use, it is suitable for preschool-aged kids.

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App was provided for our honest review.