Anifacts Africa Introduces Kids to African Animals

Anifacts Africa lets kids play with and learn about ten African animals

The animal kingdom is always a compelling topic for kids, so it is no surprise to see many apps tackling it. A recent title we tested, Anifacts Africa, is included among them. Designed by a dad/son team, it is an entertaining app that allows kids to play with and learn about ten African animals. For example, lion, spotted hyena, fennec fox, and meerkat.

Down in Africa

The app has three sections: Play, Learn, and Quiz. In Play, kids choose one of ten animals and uncover a colorful background using their finger as an eraser. Once the background has been revealed, they can watch as the animal get animated in a silly way.

In the Learn section, kids can listen to four facts about each animal, including where they live and what they eat. For example, they can learn that meerkats live in the savannah and dry region, eat worms, dig complex burrows, and warn themselves in case of danger. They also get a glimpse of the African map.

In the Quiz section, kids test their newfound knowledge by answering double-choice questions. Getting several correct answers in a row will unlock a funny animation for an animal. As there are ten animals, there are ten different animations as well.

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Parents Need to Know

Anifacts Africa is easy to use by kids ages three and up. Save for the section names, the app is mostly text-free. All the fun facts are relayed through friendly audio narration, and are available in the following languages: English, French, Poland, Portuguese, Russian, and German.

The app is quite safe for kids as it has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no social media links. It requires no Internet connection. The app is available now as a universal app on the App Store.

Kids can listen to fun facts about each animal, such as how long they can live

Things I Like

Although simple, the app is well-made and entertaining. It is visually appealing with vibrant graphics and smooth animations. The music and sound effects are also well done.

Content-wise, the app manages to be fun and educational at the same time. The quiz section is a clever trick to motivate kids to learn their facts. In the future, it would be wonderful to see more animals such as gazelle and zebra.

One minor complaint is that in the Learn section, there is a noticeable delay to play the audio after you tap on a fact icon, however only when tapped for the first time. This issue exists only on iPad 3. Otherwise, the app is quite solid.

Ace quizzes to unlock funny animations for every animal


An amusing app that lets kids learn about and play with about ten African animals. They get to listen to fun facts such as where each animal lives and what they eat. A quiz section ensures the knowledge stick by rewarding kids with silly animations. A great app for ages three and up.

Anifacts Africa is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.