Chili Fish Lets Kids Create Colorful Fishes and Explore an Underwater World

Use paint and stamp to create colorful fishes in Chili Fish

Use paint and stamp to create colorful fishes in Chili Fish

Over the past years, we have seen many “maker” apps that let kids take control and create all sorts of things. One such app we reviewed recently was Pony Style Box, a pony customization game that will charm both girls and boys.

Today, we have a new app from Chili Kids that falls into this “maker” category. Called Chili Fish, it lets kids paint, stamp, and shape colorful fishes in an interactive undersea world.

Under the Sea

The app begins with an empty underwater scenery. You can pan the screen left and right to see more, or interact with the corals at the bottom. You will also see small, glowing eggs. Tap on any of these to create your fish.

There are two main tools that you can use to customize your fish: brush and stamp. The brush tool has several tips to produce different finishes and patterns, including an airbrush tip and a fine tip. The stamp tool comes with different designs from simple shapes to fun items like fishbone and band-aid. You can resize each stamp before you place it on the fish.

To choose a color for your brush or stamp, tap on a color bubble. Optionally, you can mix new colors by dragging a bubble on top of another. Once you have selected a color, use your finger to color in the part you want. You can also drag the color bubble to an area to quickly fill it in.

Next, you can swap your fish’s body parts or add in new ones. You can also feed your fish various things from shrimps to donuts and watch it react to your choice. For example, some fish will hate it when you give them shrimps.

Once you have finished making your fish, you can take a snapshot of it or let it loose in the water. The fish will then swim around, interacting with the scenery as it goes. You can also tap on it to make it lay eggs, thus giving you the opportunity to create more fish friends.

Parents Need to Know

Chili Fish features a creative gameplay that emphasizes on exploration. Kids can paint their fish however they like, or spend time interacting with the corals. There is no wrong way to play.

To get the most out of the app, you can access the secured parents’ section for tutorials on how to play and topics to discuss with your child. You will need an Internet connection to access this section only; the rest of the app works great in Airplane mode. The app has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no links to social media.

The app does not contain any text or audio instructions, so it can be used in any language. The gameplay is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Chili Fish is available now as a universal app on the App Store. Please note that the app is compatible with iPhone 5 and higher, as well as iPad 3 and higher.

Swap out body parts and feed the fish

Swap out body parts and feed the fish

Things I Like

Chili Fish features a vibrant and engaging environment for kids to play in. The tools are easy to use, and there is a great variety of body parts to create unique fishes. Instead of a fixed palette, you get a fun color mixer that gives you a wide spectrum of paint at your disposal.

There are also plenty of surprises to discover in the underwater scenery, such as corals that change colors or produce bubbles when tapped. Parents accompanying their child may use the opportunity to teach kids about the different types of whales in the background.

My only complaint is that some features are not obvious the first time, such as being able to resize the stamps. While it is not critical, I think a quick tutorial can eliminate the issue and make the app more user-friendly.

Fill the interactive underwater scenery with your own fishes

Fill the interactive underwater scenery with your own fishes


Chili Fish is a creative toy that lets kids create colorful fishes. It features a fun color mixer and a great variety of body parts to make all kinds of creatures. Storytelling opportunity is present as kids explore an interactive underwater scenery. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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App was provided for our honest review.