The Sight Word Adventure App Gets Kids Learning about Sight Words the Fun Way

The Sight Word Adventure helps kids learn 320 popular sight words

The Sight Word Adventure helps kids learn 320 popular sight words

Learning sight words is critical in developing your child’s reading ability. Sight words account for up to 75% of the words in printed texts today, so a child who can recognize them with ease will have an advantage as they learn to read.

By definition, sight words are words that cannot easily be decoded. The best way to learn them is to memorize them, which, frankly, is not exactly exciting for many children. Fortunately, nowadays there are apps to help them.

We have covered several apps to learn sight words in the past, for example, Gappy’s First Words. Today, we want to introduce The Sight Word Adventure, a recent app from Seven Academy. It is a nice collection of seven mini games designed to help kids learn 320 sight words.

A Playful Adventure

You begin by choosing from five levels, which correspond to PreK to Grade 3. A cute kangaroo will then appear and invite you to play hide-and-seek with her. Once you have found her, she will introduce you to a new sight word. After three rounds, she will let you play another mini game.

Optionally, you can skip the hide-and-seek and head straight into the mini games. The app includes six mini games that are grouped into two categories: Read and Write. The Reading games focus on helping young readers recognize complete words, while the Writing games test their ability to reconstruct words.

All the games employ classic mechanics that most children will be familiar with, such as whack-a-mole and bingo. There is no time limit and no scoring system in each game. You can monitor your child’s progress in the parental dashboard, which is protected from the child by a random math question.

Parents Need to Know

The Sight Word Adventure allows you to customize your child’s playing experience. You can, for example, include new sight words or prioritize specific words. Optionally, you can create an account to set up multiple player profiles. This makes the app ideal for classroom usage.

According to the App Store listing, the app is VoiceOver-compatible and accessible to children with disabilities. It provides a secure environment that has no ads, no in-app purchase, and no third-party ads.

Kids can play seven mini games to learn new words

Kids can play seven mini games to learn new words

Things I Like

Memorizing words is not exactly thrilling, but the mini games help make it more enjoyable. While they are not in any way revolutionary, they are nicely done. Each game comes with clear instructions plus cute graphics that appeal to children.

Visuals aside, the ability to customize the gameplay makes the app valuable. I like that you can keep track of the words that kids need to focus on, and even add new sight words if necessary.

Also included is a PDF that explains the curriculum used in the app, including how the developers chose which sight words to include. This was an interesting read for me, and I recommend you to check it out before handing the app over to your child.

THe games can be personalized to your child's needs

THe games can be personalized to your child's needs


A nice collection of mini games that make learning about sight words more exciting. It features 320 words spread across five levels from Pre-K to Grade 3, and a parental dashboard to monitor the child’s progress. Parents might also want to check out The Joy of Reading, a comprehensive collection of 9 multi-level games designed to encourage early reading.

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App was provided for our honest review.