Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? Helps Kids Learn about Childbirth

Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? lets kids and parents learn about the creation of life

Talking to your child about the birds and the bees is often awkward, but necessary. Childbirth is after all a natural part of life, and the better educated your child about the topic the more likely for them to develop a healthy attitude about it.

Inspired by this belief, the team at Puddle Tap has released Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? It is the first of a new series of interactive children’s storybook apps that explores the different phenomena in a child’s world.

The Birds and the Bees

The story begins with Clementine, a curious six-year-old who discovers that she is going to have a baby brother. She is excited, but at the same time worried about no longer being the only child and not knowing where babies come from.

The rest of the app follows Clementine as she learns about the milestones of life creation from sex to childbirth. Her trusty camera, Zoom Zoom, plays the role of the adult narrator, and provides factual information about each topic. Clementine can also use the Zoom and Wondervision features on her camera to learn more about the subject matter.

For example, she can zoom in on male and female body parts to see how they are different, and learn the correct names for reproductive organs. She can also see through her mother’s pregnant belly to watch how the baby grows month by month.

Other interactive features include helping navigate sperm through the fallopian tube, delivering the baby at the hospital, and soothing the crying baby by giving him attention. Readers can also earn badges after completing the tasks.

At the end of the story, additional information is provided separately about several alternative methods families use to have children: donor insemination, adoption, and surrogacy. Here, the app shows both heterosexual and same-sex couples in a neutral light.

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Parents Need to Know

Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? builds on the work of sexual health educator Meg Hickling. In the Parents section, she shares insight to why and how parents should provide sex education to their children. She notes that educated children feel more confident, and are more willing to talk and ask questions in a more mature manner.

Similarly, the app presents information in a straightforward manner. It does not shy away from labeling each organ correctly. At the same time, it leaves out enough details to ensure the information presented is not too complex for a child.

When using the app, I recommend that you accompany your child as they will likely have lingering questions. It is best that you are there to provide them with extra guidance. A security feature at the beginning of the app ensures that children do not enter the app on their own.

The app contains no ads and no in-app purchases. There is an unprotected link to rate the app on the App Store at the end of the story, and protected links to additional resources in the Parents section.

The app presents information in a straightforward and factual manner

Things I Like

Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? is a compelling app for parent and child. It is beautifully illustrated and animated. It also has engaging narrative and interactive features that provide a fun learning experience.

In the story, Clementine shares her fear of losing her place in the family when her brother comes along. I am sure that many children can relate to the feeling, so I like how the app reassures children that they will always be important and loved. It also encourages them to care for their siblings.

The app prepares children to meet their new siblings


Interactive sex education app balances storytelling and scientific information to explain about the creation of life. Beautiful illustrations, playful animations, and relatable characters make the app an engaging learning tool. Especially useful for children who are about to be big brothers or sisters for the first time. Recommended for kids ages 6-12, with parental guidance.

Clementine Wants to Know: Where Do Babies Come From? is available for iPhone/iPad
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