Get Ready for Preschool with Cricket Kids: School Days

Cricket Kids: School Days includes 12 activities commonly found in preschools and kindergartens, such as object counting.

If you’re wondering what your kids will experience in their first day at preschool, you should give Cricket Kids: School Days a try. Developed by the same team who made Cricket Kids: Opposites and Peepo and the Unfinished Story, School Days includes 12 activities commonly performed in preschools and kindergartens.

Learn Through Play

The activities are designed as fun mini games to keep kids engaged. The first one is a numbers game where kids are asked to count pens and pencils according to the picture. It’s a great example of activities that parents and kids can do at home, using the color pencils and crayons that they have.

In the next activity, kids are asked to play back a tune according to the sequence shown in the music sheet. Then, they can practice their hand-eye coordination by timing their taps to make the crickets jump the rope.

Other activities include constructing a letter, tilting the iPad to switch swimming lanes while collecting smily faces, and matching pictures of animals and their favorite kinds of food. If your kids love to play with jigsaw puzzles, they can also cut a piece of paper into triangles and rectangles, and paste them back to create a cat.

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Parents Need to Know

Cricket Kids: School Days is suitable for parents and kids who want to know what preschool and kindergarten activities are like. It’s also great for kids already in preschool to relive the fun moments they had at school.

If you want to try some of the activities at home, you can try the pencil counting game, rope skipping, and the crafts activity with real paper and scissors. The developer also offers downloadable games and coloring pages on their website to help you with similar activities at home.

Cricket Kids: School Days is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

There are plenty of mini games, both with new mechanics and old ones - such as jigsaw puzzles.

Things I Like

Even though the games are outlined in a specific order, you can jump to any game you want by tapping the little rectangular icon floating on the left hand side of the screen. Tapping on it will reveal a list of all the mini games. You can tap and drag to scroll, and choose the one to switch to.

My favorite mini games are drawing, story telling, and lunch time. In the drawing game, kids can put colors into the drawing by finding instances of a particular shape that matches the chosen color. In the story telling game, they can identify how four different scenes should be ordered before the story makes sense. Finally, kids can also practice their short-term memory skills by memorizing the four different meals that the crickets have chosen for lunch and grabbing them from the menu.

Learn about letters by building them.


Cricket Kids: School Days is a fun app for kids ages 3+ who want to know what preschools and kindergartens are like. It includes 12 mini games that they can play on their own. It’s also a great resource for parents to find activity ideas they can try at home.

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