Explore the Sea in Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano

Kids help Poppy Cat and her friends return a lost seahorse in Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano

We’re big fans of StoryToys’s 3D pop-up book apps. In addition to the polished graphics, we love how they incorporate mini games into the storyline to make the reading experience more engaging. We’ve reviewed several of their titles, including our favorites: The Pirate Princess and Goodnight Mo.

A recent addition to the lineup is Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano, which features characters from the award-winning series Poppy Cat by Lara Jones. In it, kids go on an undersea adventure with Poppy Cat and her friends to save a lost seahorse.

Seahorses in Bubbles

The app begins with Poppy Cat introducing her friends: Alma, Zuzu, Mo, and Owl. They’re popping bubbles in Poppy’s backyard when suddenly they spot a seahorse curiously trapped in a bubble. So, they decide to journey under the sea to return the seahorse to its home.

Just like other StoryToys titles, Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano has mini games woven into the storyline. Kids will help the gang accomplish various challenges, including navigating Poppy through a maze of seaweed to find her friends, piecing together a map of the sea, and rescuing seahorses from inside a squid’s dark cave.

As kids complete the challenges, they can collect various badges. For example, there is the Groovy Mover badge that is earned by tapping all the glowing seahorses to the Poppy Cat’s soundtrack without making a mistake. They can repeat any challenges as necessary to earn these badges.

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Parents Need to Know

Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano spans 16 pages of text and features 8 pop-up games. It comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read It Myself, and Autoplay. The Read to Me is narrated by the voice of Poppy Cat. The app also features the original soundtrack from the TV series.

The app is fully localized for US and UK English, French, and Spanish. It doesn’t contain in-app purchases and third-party ads. All links to the developer’s other apps are protected by gesture lock.

Kids can complete fun challenges and collect badges

Things I Like

Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano is a fun app for kids ages five and under. We’re not familiar with Poppy Cat, but we were able to follow along the imaginative story and participate in the challenges without any problems. In fact, playing the app made us curious about these adorable characters. We hope to check out the series soon.

As expected, the app delivered in the visuals department. We loved exploring each 3D scene to discover tiny surprises. The challenges were also nicely designed to cater to the target audience. Being able to collect badges made a great incentive to replay the app multiple times.

The imaginative storyline fits kids ages five and under


The Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano is a playful 3D pop-up activity app that features beloved characters from the award-winning TV series. Kids go on an imaginative adventure under the sea, completing fun challenges and collecting badges. The app comes with three reading modes to accommodate readers of different levels. Recommended for kids ages 5 and under.

Poppy Cat and the Bubble Volcano is available for iPhone/iPad
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