Learn Number Ordering by Playing with Vehicles in EkiMuki

Construct vehicles from its parts and learn about their different functions.

I always enjoy trying out apps that let kids learn as they play. My app pick for today, called EkiMuki, is a good example for this. By playing with vehicles, kids can learn about 12 different vehicle names, and practice their short-term memory and number ordering skills.

Build, Memorize, and Order

EkiMuki is organized into three mini-games: Build, Memorize, and Order. In the first game, kids will play a jigsaw-like mini-game where they construct a vehicle from its parts. For example, they can construct a truck from its body and wheels, or a fire truck with its siren, ladder, and water tank.

There are 12 different vehicles that kids can play with, such as cement truck, excavator, bulldozer, and forklift. This allows them to learn about the different functions that each vehicle serves.

In the second game, kids can play a memory matching game, with up to 10 random vehicles at a time. And, in the final game, kids can practice their number ordering skills by aligning the race cars in the starting lines according to their numbers.

Practice your short-term memory skills with up to 20 vehicle cards at a time.

Parents Need to Know

EkiMuki is suitable for kids ages three and up. With your assistance, they can learn a lot about how different vehicles function, in addition to the differences in their outlook.

Both the Memorize and Order games have several difficulty levels that you can adjust to fit your kids’ learning curve. For example, in the memory matching game, you can choose to play with four cards, eight cards, or 20 cards.

Practice your number ordering skills by aligning the race cars in their respective lines.

Things I Like

My favorite game is the number ordering of the race cars. It starts out as a simple ordering from 1 to 6, but can quickly turn into a real test for your kids when they’re asked to order six random numbers from 1 to 99. Based on my experience, this kind of gameplay really helps strengthen your kids’ understanding of the number ordering. There is a smooth learning curve; you can choose to play with either numbers within the range of 1-10, 1-20, or 1-30, before going with the 1-99 range.

I also enjoy the simple nature of the vehicle building game. It’s interactive enough without being too complex. There are a few parts of the vehicles that you can tap and play with. For example, you can play with the forks on the forklift, or with the hose and ladder on the fire truck. And, don’t forget to play with the car lights as well.

Adjust the difficulty levels to meet your kids’ learning curves and needs.


EkiMuki is a simple and fun app for kids ages three and up. As they learn about different vehicles, they also get to practice their short-term memory and number ordering skills. As the app has adjustable difficulty levels, you should be able to find a setting that fits your kids’ learning curve.

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App was provided for our honest review.