Help Wubbzy Win the Car Race with a Super-Charged Wubbmobile 3000

Wubbzy is very excited to participate in the Monticello Motor Club road race.

We have written about several Wubbzy’s storybook apps in the past 15 months. The last one that we reviewed was Wubbzy Loves You, an adorable storybook that encourages kids to appreciate their friends more.

Today, I’d like to highlight Wubbzy’s latest storybook that also encourages kids to value their friends over their achievements. Called Wubbzy’s Race Car, the new story revolves around Wubbzy’s desire to win the Monticello Motor Club road race.

Meet the Super-Charged Wubbmobile 3000

Wubbzy is really excited about the upcoming car race that he schedules a practice session for himself. Unfortunately, his car breaks down just before he could take it for a drive. Fortunately, Widget is there to help him. She promises that she would construct a new car for Wubbzy from the parts that his old car leaves behind.

In her garage, Widget begins to weigh which option is the best, given the available parts. Eventually, she decides to build a super-charged Wubbmobile 3000. Kids can pick a color to paint the car before showing it to Wubbzy.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time for Wubbzy to test his new car. When the race starts, he can’t seem to get the Wubbmobile 3000 to start while everyone else is already on their highest speed.

Will Wubbzy be able to participate and win the race with the new super-charged Wubbmobile 3000? What can Widget do to help him the second time?

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Parents Need to Know

As we can expect from Wubbzy’s storybook apps, Wubbzy’s Race Car also includes a set of themed coloring pages. It’s always fun to color various scenes from the story immediately after reading it. With the inclusion of a magic pen, it’s easier for younger kids to apply the colors without messing too much with the picture.

Wubbzy’s Race Car has a good morale. Throughout the storyline, you will see Wubbzy being helped by his friends. You can use this opportunity to encourage your kids to be helpful like Wubbzy’s friends did, and appreciate others for their help. When you get to the end of the story, you will appreciate how Wubbzy values his friends more than his achievements.

Drive the Wubbmobile 3000 yourself and win races to unlock new tracks in the racing game.

Things I Like

Wubbzy’s Race Car includes a top-down racing game where you can use one finger (your right thumb, to be exact) to control the movement of the Wubbmobile 3000. It’s not easy to control the car movement, but it won’t take too long either to get comfortable with the controls.

I believe the game is suitable for kids ages four and up who love racing games. Winning a race will unlock a new racing track. In total, there are 10 race tracks that you can play with.

Express your creativity by coloring the various scenes and objects from the storyline.


Wubbzy’s Race Car is a storybook that will appeal to kids ages 4+ who loves to play with toy cars. They get to read Wubbzy’s adventure in the Monticello Motor Club road race, and even play with the top-down racing game themselves. The racing game is so fun that I believe your kids will play it over and over again.

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