Little Critter Library Presents Mercer Mayer’s Beloved Series in One Place

Little Critter Library collects over 30 Little Critter titles in a convenient place

Mercer Meyer’s guinea pig-like Little Critter characters have been around for almost forty years now, but their charm isn’t going away any time soon. Just a few months earlier we saw the release of a digital version of a Little Critter title, Just a Day at the Pond.

Adding to that list, publisher Oceanhouse Media recently published Little Critter Library. For a subscription fee, readers can get unlimited access to a great selection of Little Critter book apps, including classics like Just For You.

Just a Library

Little Critter Library is free to download. You get seven days of free trial, which lets you have unlimited access to every book in the collection. At the time of the review, there are over 30 books available with more to be added periodically.

To start reading, first you have to download the book. Once the book is downloaded, you can then access it even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Like other Oceanhouse Media apps, each book has rich reading options. There are multiple reading modes to suit different reading levels — Read by Myself, Read to Me, and Autoplay, with the latter two featuring audio narration with text highlighting. You can also record your own narration for a personalized approach.

Within the pages, you can tap on a word to listen to it, and on the objects on screen to see them labeled. Additionally, a bonus activity challenges young readers to find a specific character throughout the book.

Readers can tap on the pictures on screen to see them labeled

Parents Need to Know

The titles in Little Critter Library are suitable for kids ages 2-5. They cover various topics: Growing Up, Friends and Family, Adventure, and Holidays. You can sort the books by title, topic, and publish date.

There’s a parent’s section in the app where you can get statistics of your child’s reading progress. For example, you can see how many books they’ve read and how many words were tapped. A help section is also available to answer any question you might have about downloading the books.

While you have to make an in-app purchase to unlock subscriptions, the process is protected by gesture locks. You must first perform a specific gesture as instructed by the text on-screen to proceed with a purchase. Other outgoing links are similarly protected as well.

Rich reading options caters to kids of different reading levels

Things I Like

Having read and liked several Little Critter book apps before, I’m happy to find a wide selection of them in Little Critter Library. It is easy to find the titles that I haven’t read, especially since I can sort them by publishing date and title.

I like that each book is essentially an individual app with its own features. Those who are familiar with Oceanhouse Media apps should be familiar with their rich reading options and straightforward navigation. Young readers will benefit from the excellent audio narration as well as text highlighting feature.

Parents can access statistics of their child’s reading progress


Little Critter Library provides unlimited access to a wide selection of Little Critter books for a monthly subscription fee. Each book comes with rich reading options, including audio narration with text highlighting and the ability to record your own narration. You can also download the books for offline reading. All in all, it’s great value for Little Critter fans.

Little Critter Library is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.