Cookie Monster Challenges Kids to Practice Self-Control, Focus, and Memory in 10 Fun Mini Games

Cookie Monster’s Challenge includes 10 fun mini-games that let kids practice their problem solving skills.

A couple of years ago, I reviewed a fun storybook starring the Cookie Monster, called The Great Cookie Thief. It features a humorous, old western cowboy theme that appeals to young readers.

My app pick for today is a relatively new Cookie Monster app called Cookie Monster’s Challenge. Guided by Cookie Monster, kids as young as three will practice self-control, focus, and memory through 10 mini-games.

Complete the Games and Get Some Cookies

Cookie Monster’s Challenge allows parents to set up multiple player profiles. The app has nine difficulty levels, but I’d suggest starting with the easiest one first: the square numbered one.

The app will then show a random set of games from its collection. For example, kids may be asked to brush a monster’s teeth to clean them from leftovers such as veggies and fruits. They may also be asked to find a set of clothes that would fit a monster with random numbers of limbs.

Kids will also find simple games that rely on their reflexes. For example, they may be asked to tap the red/blue button when they see a cat with stripes or a cat wearing a hat. They may also play a whack-a-mole game where the Cookie Monster asks them to tap a particular animal.

Kids collect a cookie for completing a game, and the game ends when they have collected three cookies. The app will then show a huge contraption machine which they can decorate and use to deliver the cookies to Cookie Monster.

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Parents Need to Know

Based on the difficulty levels, the mini games in Cookie Monster’s Challenge are suitable for kids ages three and up. Some games, such as reflect games, help kids develop their focus. Other games help them exercise the short-term memory, for example memorizing the sequence of musical instruments.

Kids also practice their problem solving skills by drawing the missing parts of a picture. The picture may show an elephant with a missing trunk, a bicycle with a missing wheel, or a bird with missing wings.

I’m sure many parents would appreciate the game where kids need to restraint themselves from touching the cute white duck. Instead of touching everything that appears on screen, kids are trained to pay attention to the instruction and practice self-control by not touching the primary object on screen.

Cookie Monster has a giant contraption machine that kids can use to decorate their reward cookies.

Things I Like

Many of the games remind me of Wario Ware games on the Nintendo platforms. By offering games that require reflexes and self-control, kids are forced to pay more attention to the given instructions instead of following their impulses.

I really like the Cookie Monster’s contraption machine. I’m a fan of contraptions and I think this machine is a great way to let kids have fun decorating their reward cookies.

Drawing the missing parts of a popular object is a new game mechanic that helps kids demonstrate their knowledge and creativity to solve the problem.


Cookie Monster’s Challenge is a collection of fun mini games designed to help kids ages 3+ practice their self-control, focus, and short-term memory skills. It also lets kids practice their problem solving skills. It’s a great game for any Cookie Monster fan as they can listen to his quirky narration and play with his giant contraption machine.

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