Brain-Jogging for Kids Lets You Play Eight Mini Games on the Isle of Brain

In the Juice Bar game, kids play as a bartender and prepare a set of drink orders.

Over the years, we’ve reviewed a lot of educational apps that includes mini games to help kids learn while they play. Today, I would like to add another app to this collection: Brain-Jogging for Kids. As the name suggests, it aims to keep the brain engaged through eight mini games.

Enjoy the Challenges in the Isle of Brain

Brain-Jogging for Kids has two game modes: Training and Island Marathon. Once they have unlocked all eight mini games in the Training mode, they can play them to collect points in Island Mode.

The first game is called Juice Bar. Here, kids prepare 10 drink orders from the customers. They need to put in the right flavor, drink, and additive for each order to get a point. If they manage to score enough points, they can unlock the next game.

In the next game, called Beach Limbo, kids will play a timed game similar to Bejeweled. Again, if they score enough points, they can move on to the Pack the Bag game. In the game, they will be asked to memorize and identify four items that move across the screen.

The next two games, Vitamine Song and Fruit Mixer, challenge kids’ short-term memory skills. In the first game, they need to mimic the sequence of how a group of four are singing. In the latter game, they need to compare the number of two sets of fruits being thrown into the mixer.

In the Lexikong game, kids are asked to combine two words into a new phrase. They are given some time, and will play the same game until the time runs out.

Bay of Numbers is a matching game where kids pair a math expression with a number. The final game, called Fresh Breeze, is where kids train their memory skills by memorizing the weather forecast.

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Parents Need to Know

All the mini games in Brain-Jogging for Kids are suitable for kids ages five and up. Parents can register up to four player profiles, making the app perfect for families with multiple kids.

Brain-Jogging for Kids is available in English and German.

Lexikong is a fun game where kids can learn how to combine words into new phrases.

Things I Like

Two games that I enjoyed playing are Juice Bar and Lexikong. In Juice Bar, you can keep things easier by grouping the orders and preparing them as batches. But, you can also play a more challenging mode by preparing the order in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) sequence. You should give it a try, if you haven’t. It’s quite challenging.

Because I’m not a native English speaker, playing the Lexikong game taught me a couple of new phrases. It’s also a great way to teach my kids that they can combine words into phrases.

Brain-Jogging includes eight fun mini games to keep you challenged in the Isle of Brain.


Brain-Jogging for Kids is a collection of mini games suitable for kids ages five and up. The games are well-designed and are available in four difficulty levels. If you managed to complete all the challenges, you might want to accept the developer’s challenge in trying out the German-version of the Lexikong mini game.

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App was provided for our honest review.