Kids Go On a Playdate in Sago Mini Friends

Kids go on playdates in Sago Sago’s latest app, Sago Mini Friends

Playdates are fun, but more importantly they facilitate kids to interact with their peers. As your kids meet with other kids their age, they learn how to get along and share.

Embracing the spirit of playdates, developer Sago Sago has come up with a new app called Sago Mini Friends. It’s a virtual playground in which kids get to visit the homes of various Sago Mini characters, and perform various tasks together.

Let’s Play Together

Sago Mini Friends take place in a neighborhood where all the friends live. After choosing a character, kids guide him or her to a friend’s house. They can then ring the doorbell to visit.

Inside the house, a random activity awaits kids. They can play dress up, blow balloons, serve lunch, wash dishes, water plants, and take naps, for example.

Once an activity is completed, kids say goodbye to their friend. They can then visit another house, or re-enter the same house and do a different activity. They can also change their character by walking to the balloons further down the street.

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Parents Need to Know

Like all Sago Mini apps, Friends does not have rules or timers. Kids can spend as long as they like on activity, or leave any time by tapping on the door icon.

The app has 10 activities that are served randomly, so kids can do something new on every visit. However, realizing that the balloons and dress-up activities are especially popular with kids, the developer included two secret shortcuts. Placing two fingers on the screen as you enter the house will give you the balloons activity, while holding down three fingers will give you dress-up.

All the activities are specially designed for two kids to play together side by side. Do remember to turn off multitasking gesture on your device so they won’t accidentally quit the app while playing.

Kids guide their character around the neighborhood to visit their friends

Things I Like

Designed for collaborative play, Friends is a slight departure from Sago Sago’s previous apps that are more about solo exploration. But it’s a good change, and one that aligns with the developer’s mission to provide young kids with a unique and meaningful experience.

Play together with their favorite friends, kids also explore the basic concepts of sharing and collaboration. While serving lunch, for example, they learn to divide food equally so both friends will be happy. There are plenty of storytelling opportunities, and parents can use the app to discuss with their kids about getting along with others.

Quality-wise, there is nothing to complain about. Friends is just as lovely and engaging as other Sago Mini apps. I especially like how the characters are expressive — an important trait to have in an app about socializing. The user interface is kid-friendly as well.

Kids learn to share and collaborate as they partake in the activities together


Sago Mini Friends is a playful app that encourages kids to get along with their friends. A wide range of activities deliver lessons on sharing and collaborating, and the expressive characters help kids learn social cues. Designed for two sets of hands, it can also be enjoyed alone. Great for kids ages five and under.

Sago Mini Friends is available for iPhone/iPad
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