John Paul II for Kids: A Biography Book from Childhood to Canonization

John Paul II for Kids tells the story of Pope John Paul II’s life from his childhood through his canonization.

Many of you are probably familiar with John Paul II, former Pope of the Catholic Church from 1978-2005 and the second longest-serving pope in modern history. He is one of the most traveled world leaders, with more than 129 countries visited during his pontificate. But, there is probably more of him that we don’t know, especially now that he has passed away.

For those interested to learn, developer Quelle Historie has brought the major stories in John Paul II’s life in an interactive storybook app. Using the same format as their recent D-Day for Kids app, it provides kids with a friendly introduction to history.

From Karol Józef Wojtyła to Saint John Paul the Great

The story of John Paul II starts with his childhood in Wadowice, Poland where he was born under the name of Karol Józef Wojtyła. He went on to study literature briefly before the Nazi German occupation of Poland. The story continues by depicting him as a Solvay chemical factory worker who dreamed about becoming a priest.

During the wartime, he started study in an underground seminary run by the Archbishop of Krakow and developed a good relationship with Archbishop Sapieha. When he finished his seminary studies in 1946, he was ordained as a priest and was sent to serve in Rome.

He was finally appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow in 1958, serving as the youngest bishop in Poland. In 1978, he was chosen as the new Pope continuing the brief service of Pope John Paul I. He became the first non-Italian Pope in 455 years.

The second half of the book tells the story of various important events during his pontification. These include his assassination attempt, extensive travels to almost every countries in the world, and contribution to fight communism, promote human rights, and embrace other cultures and religions.

The book ends with his death and funeral. In 2013, he was canonized as Saint John Paul the Great.

The book includes several important events in Pope John Paul II’s life, including his assassination attempt.

Parents Need to Know

Based on its readability, John Paul II for Kids is suitable for independent readers ages seven and up. It also includes a professional narrator, making it accessible to a younger audience. The app is available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.

As expected in a Quelle Historie storybook app, kids will find contextual maps, challenges, and portrait stickers. All of these are available on each of the 10 pages, and they contribute to an immersive reading experience.

The contextual maps offer visual insights of the events in the book, whereas the portrait stickers provide additional info on important characters and objects. The challenges are designed as themed mini games with familiar mechanics such as jigsaw puzzles, spot-the-differences, hidden objects, and memory matching.

Some of the challenges in this app are designed to test the reader’s comprehension.

Things I Like

I learned a lot by reading this book. Now I know more about John Paul II, the important events in his life, and his contribution to our global society. The contextual maps is a great way to learn about the life of an influential person, especially for young readers. Hopefully, they will love to read biographies when they get older.

The app also includes several quizzes to test your reading comprehension. They’re really well designed such that you would not be able to pass them unless you paid careful attention while you read. But since you can replay these challenges for as many times as you wish, it’s a great way to reread the sections and retry the challenges to measure your reading comprehension.

Contextual maps and informative stickers provide readers with further insights of John Paul II’s life.


John Paul II for Kids is a great biography-style storybook for early readers ages seven and up. It includes contextual maps and portrait stickers that provide additional information about the events and characters involved in the story. It also provides an immersive reading experience, which will hopefully inspire kids to pick up more biographies.

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