Duckie Deck Gotta Go: A Fun Potty Training for Toddlers

Feed the monsters with tasty snacks before they really gotta go.

Over the past couple of months, Duckie Deck has released two fun hygiene apps for toddlers: With Teeth and Hungry Clipper. The first app helps toddlers learn the importance of dental care, whereas the latter one promotes a healthy habit of keeping their fingernails clean and tidy.

Today, the developers has just released the third app in their hygiene apps series: Duckie Deck Gotta Go. As hinted in the app’s name, it aims to help toddlers with potty training.

Help Monsters Perform Their Toilet Routines

When you start the app, you will see a monster wearing a diaper. Tapping him will cause his diaper to fall off. Now, he’s ready for his potty training.

Then, you can drag snacks to feed the monsters. Among the snacks, you will find fish, apple, sausage, sushi, ice cream, candies, and even vegetables. After having five portions of snacks, he’s ready to go.

Tap and hold his stomach until he poops. Afterwards, you can wipe his bottom with the toilet paper. When the monster is clean, you pull the lever to flush the toilet.

The poop will fall into the sewer, but you need to tilt the iPad to steer the poop into a random maze of pipes. Once it hits the bottom of the pipes, you know it has safely reached its final destination. You can then give the monster a high five.

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Parents Need to Know

Duckie Deck Gotta Go is a fun potty training app for toddlers ages two and up. The app helps build a healthy habit of cleaning up and flushing the toilet when you’re finished with your business. The funny monster’s expressions and the maze mini game will definitely cause giggles.

All the interactions are very intuitive for young toddlers to perform on their own. Everything from dragging, tapping, and tilting, feels quite natural. My only wish is for the wiping gesture to be more natural. I feel the current approach of simply dragging the toilet paper downwards is too much of a simplification.

Tilt the iPad to steer the poop into the bottom of the toilet.

Things I Like

Duckie Deck Gotta Go is visually appealing. When I tried the app for the first time, I didn’t expect the poop would be a colorful ball. It keeps the activities fun for young toddlers.

Toddlers learn a new skill when they find the activities easy to relate to. Helping someone else in potty training may motivate them enough to help themselves. The fact that it’s very easy to replay with different monsters will encourage toddlers to play the app several times in a single seating.

Make sure you wipe the monster’s bottom clean before you flush the toilet.


Duckie Deck Gotta Go is a nice follow-up to the other two hygiene apps for toddlers: With Teeth and Hungry Clipper. It is perfect for toddlers ages 2+ who are undergoing potty training. I’d suggest parents accompany their toddlers as they play with this app to explain the activities and encourage them to try on their own.

Duckie Deck Gotta Go is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.